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3 of Florida’s Most Common And Most Destructive Pests

The list of things that make the State of Florida a beautiful and exciting place to live is long. Known as the Sunshine State, we benefit from blue skies and sunny days most of the year. And, especially during the rainy season, we enjoy lush green yards, beautiful flowers, and plenty of time outside with our families. However, every good thing comes paired with its downsides. And the state of Florida has a few of those. Of course, hurricane season is one of them, but one of the other downsides of living in Florida is the number of destructive pests attracted to our weather. During most of the year, warm weather paired with high moisture and humidity levels creates the perfect breeding ground for annoying and destructive pests.

Below are three of the many pests Florida homeowners have to contend with. It may feel like you are paddling upstream when managing these pests. However, we assure you that there are sensible and easy pest control methods to address each of these problems.

1. Home Endangering Termites

We could go on for days about the risks of a termite infestation to your home and property. The thing that makes termites so dangerous is their ability to lay waste to a structure in a short period. They’re very hungry, work very quickly, and live in large colonies. Additionally, termites live in areas that make them difficult to see. Unlike cockroaches who wonder about your kitchen looking for sustenance, termites live inside your walls and have all the food they need right there in the beams and boards that make up the structure of your home. Search our blog if you’d like to learn more about termite control and the risk these destructive pests pose. We have dozens of helpful articles.

2. Hungry Lubber Grasshoppers

We’ve all seen the large black and yellow grasshoppers that show up each year to munch on the plants in our yards and gardens. You may think they’re just a little funny-looking, but they are also quite destructive. If you’ve spent time, energy, or money building up a beautiful garden to provide your family with flowers or food, you know how difficult it can be to rid that garden of lubbers. The Eastern Lubber Grasshopper is a gardener’s nightmare, and we are called frequently to provide ongoing pest control and protect our clients’ hard work from destruction.

3. Aphids, Mealybugs, and Mites. Oh My!

The problem with this last category of destructive pests is that they are small and often difficult to detect until they’ve already begun to damage the plant they are living on. Pests like these depend on the beautiful flowers and bushes you’ve placed in your yard for nutrients and can literally suck the life out of your treasured foliage. There are lots of over-the-counter products you can buy at your local home-improvement store to fight against these microscopic pests, but the best form of pest control is and will always be ongoing professional and preventative care for your lawn and home. When you spot and treat pests, you only address the issues you can see. Not the microscopic organisms passed to the nearby plants. Investing in ongoing pest treatments ensures that your whole yard is treated and enables you to protect your plants before an infestation occurs.

At Holder Pest Control, we have worked for decades to help Florida homeowners create safe and beautiful environments for their families and friends. The clients who work with us enjoy their homes and years all year long without fear of pests coming to ruin the day. Contact us today for more information about holder pest control and how we can protect your home and yard from destructive pests.