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3 Tips for Beautiful, Healthy Landscaping in DeLand

Nothing is more satisfying than stepping out of your front door in the morning to a lush, green, healthy lawn and landscaping. Your lawn is one of the first impressions your home makes to neighbors, visitors, or people driving by. When your landscaping looks beautiful, your home shines. Unfortunately, it’s harder to maintain a beautiful lawn in some seasons than others. Beautiful lawns require consistent care. It’s possible to attain a beautiful lawn on your own, but much simpler to do so with the help of an experienced lawn care company.

1. Adequate Water
There is no shortage of water for your landscaping during the rainy season in Florida, but there are other times of the year, like winter and spring, when rain is less prevalent, and your plants need your help to get the water they need to thrive. Unless you want to spend hours a day hand-watering your grass, we recommend you have a sprinkler system professionally installed. At Holder, our licensed and insured technicians install and maintain sprinkler systems for home and business owners.

2. Proper Diet
Your landscaping needs a proper diet, just like you do. Water alone won’t provide the nutrients necessary to keep your lawn looking healthy and vibrant. In fact, too much water can wash away the naturally occurring nutrients in the soil. Our lawn treatments are specialized to provide your grass with a nutrient-rich diet while eliminating harmful pests. Our lawn professionals will guide you toward the best treatment for your property.

3. Regular Maintenance
Water and food are essential to a beautiful lawn, but what’s most important is that these two things are applied on a regular basis. Occasional watering and lawn treatments may help your grass at the moment, but for long-term effectiveness and to create a lawn you’re proud of, your landscaping must be maintained with regular care from a licensed professional.

Keeping your lawn healthy is a group effort, and while great grass makes an impressive first impression, it creates a comfortable place for your kids to play and your pets to roam around happily. When your yard is healthy and cared for, your living space extends beyond the four walls of your home, and your landscaping becomes a more suitable backdrop for the everyday joys of your family life. We are¬†committed to keeping our customers’ homes healthy, pest-free, and beautiful. If you’d like to learn more about how our lawn care services can help you enjoy your gorgeous landscaping all year long, contact us today.

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