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3 Ways Holder Can Help You Protect Your Home From Pests in 2024

With each new year comes a new set of goals and ambitions. We commonly set goals to promote our health and wellness. We start a diet, create new exercise routines, and swear we will finally commit to drinking enough water. But how often are we setting goals that help promote our households’ overall health and wellness? While you might not think it, at Holder, we specialize in creating healthy homes. Eliminating unwanted pests from our homes, offices, and lawns helps maintain a healthy ecosystem and can protect our families from illness and keep them safe within the walls of our homes.

Pest Control 

Do you struggle to control the ants, cockroaches, or other pests on and around your property throughout the year? Plenty of homeowners waste their precious time using ineffective pest methods. Not only do they not work, but these over-the-counter pest control treatments can be dangerous if not used or stored correctly. Another common frustration our clients have is that they treat a pest control issue, but it keeps returning. When you hire a professional pest service for ongoing treatment, you can rest assured that we handle recurring pest sightings swiftly and efficiently. Protecting your home from pests is a big job, and we’d love to help you keep it up in 2024.

Termite Control

If you’ve ever experienced a termite infestation, you know how overwhelming it can feel to know there is a colony of bugs eating your home from the inside out. Termite control is an essential service because it helps homeowners stop an infestation before it causes significant damage to the structure of their home.

Lawn Services

Protecting your home doesn’t stop at your threshold. Here in Florida, we enjoy spending time outside all year round. If you want your home to be a comfortable and inviting place for your family and friends to congregate, we highly recommend investing in lawn care services. We specialize in treatments that safely and effectively eliminate pests and grow healthy turf so you can comfortably enjoy life in and outside your home.

At Holder, we are a one-stop shop for controlling pests and maintaining a healthy yard. When you take advantage of our monthly services and keep them up to date, you can rest assured knowing everything is under control. So start your year out right and commit to prioritizing the health and well-being of your household. Contact us today to learn more about our monthly services.

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