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4 Tips For Combatting Termite Control Analysis Paralysis

Have you ever heard the term Analysis Paralysis? It’s a phenomenon that occurs when we work so hard to solve a problem that we become completely overwhelmed and can’t decide. This can happen easily to homeowners when they consider investing in items or services for their homes. From determining what tile to put in the bathroom to whether or not you should hire a termite control company, these seemingly different issues can cause the same sense of overwhelm in a person’s mind.

At Holder Pest Control, we want our clients to feel confident about their investment in our services. Here are five things that we think will move you out of analysis paralysis and into termite control confidence.

1. Understand The Problem

Before we go anywhere, we need to ensure that you understand what you’re up against when fighting a termite infestation. We’ve talked in great detail about termites elsewhere in our blog, but here are some essential facts you need to know. Termites live in huge communities called colonies, and within the colony, there is a queen. Termite queens can live for up to 50 years, and some can lay up to 30,000 eggs per day. If we’ve done our math correctly, that means that a single termite queen could potentially lay more than 500 million eggs in their lifetime. Can you imagine having that many children? Add to that the fact that termites are constantly eating, and we’re talking about a disaster of a situation if not taken care of. As proud as we are of Ms. Termite Queen’s accomplishments, no one wants that many termites living in their home. When you understand what you’re dealing with, it’s easy to see how termite control issues must be taken seriously and dealt with immediately.

2. Get Serious About The Risks

Now that you understand precisely the kind of pest you’re dealing with, it’s essential to know the risks. First, you should know that you’re giving your colony all the time it needs to eat its way through your home by not taking action. Data shows that termites create tens of billions in damage in homes and farms every single year. The cost to replace elements of your home’s structure gets more astronomical the longer you wait.¬†

But that’s not the only risk that homeowners run. Many people opt for a DIY approach, and while DIY may work for some things, it is not an excellent idea for pest control. On the one hand, termite control products need to be handled with care by a professional. Since keeping your family safe is your number one priority, leaving the chemicals to the professionals may be best. The other risk is that you may waste your time and money trying to kill termites yourself if you don’t know how to treat termites effectively. The best bang for your buck is to hire professionals to do the job.

3. Admit When You Need Help 

If you are used to taking care of pest issues on your own, it’s hard to admit when it’s time to seek outside help. Understanding termites and the risk that termite damage can pose to your home is a crucial first step in understanding whether or not you are capable of handling a termite infestation on your own. We don’t share any of this to scare you. It is unlikely that an infestation will ruin your home, but the longer you wait to call in professional help, the more expense you will pay on the back end.

4. Do Your Research And Hire Local

So, now that you’ve decided that it’s time to hire a termite control company, where do you start? The easiest thing to do is hop online and google termite companies and your city name. But that won’t necessarily bring the best results. It’s essential to research, ask friends and family for recommendations, and find out how long a business has been in operation. Do they have a good track record? There are so many questions to ask that will bring you closer to finding the right company. You may be tempted to hire a national company with representatives in your area, but we recommend you stick with a locally owned business for a few important reasons. First, investing in local businesses is an investment in the local economy. But it’s also a better experience for you, the buyer. When hiring local companies, you hire people who understand your community, the weather in your area, customs and tradition in your town, and are personally invested in your success. That’s something you can’t get from a national company.

Deciding to hand over your termite control issues to a professional company is an exciting day for your family. You can finally stop worrying about your home and recover some time and energy to take on more suitable projects. Holder Pest and Termite Control has been serving the Volusia County area for more than 40 years. Our team of professionals is enthusiastic about helping make your home a safe place for your family. When you’re ready to join the Holder family, give us a call!

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