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5 Things DeBary Homeowners Should Know About Termite Control

At Holder Pest Control, we are known for the top-notch service we provide to homeowners in the DeLand area. Did you know that we also offer services to surrounding communities like DeBary? Our team of highly qualified and experienced termite experts treats homes in every nook and cranny of Volusia County. Since DeBary is our neighbor to the south, we spend a lot of time and effort protecting DeBary’s homes.

No matter where we go, we learn that many homeowners have a very loose understanding of termites and what it takes to control them. So weird created a list of the top five things we think DeBary homeowners should know about termite control from the people who serve them.

1. All Home Types Are Vulnerable To Infestation

Since the city of DeBary was incorporated as recently as December 1993, it’s safe to guess that most of the homes in the area are newer construction. With beautiful gated subdivisions dotting the main thoroughfare, some homeowners believe their new homes are less vulnerable to termites than older ones. We understand where the assumption comes from. As you know, termites eat wood, and houses built of block or stucco contain less wood than old construction homes. However, that does not make them invulnerable to infestation. We treat homes all the time, ranging in age from one or two years to 100 years, and the truth is termites don’t seem to be that particular about home’s age. So if you’re living in Debary and have a newer home, don’t let that lull you into a false sense of confidence regarding your need for termite control.

2. There’s No Time Like The Present

Another termite myth that we hear from clients is that you can wait a certain amount of time before investing in termite control for your home. If you’re assuming that termites don’t move very quickly, you’re sorely mistaken. Termites live in colonies that contain tens of thousands of individual wood-eating bugs. And each of those bugs spends its life eating 24/7. That means it can take only months or years for a termite colony hidden behind your walls to do an incredible amount of damage before you even know they’re present. The best way to protect your home from termites is to invest in an ongoing relationship with a termite control company that you can trust. Beat the bugs to the punch!

3. Termite Damage Can Cost A Lot Of Money

Imagine that you do indeed have a family of termites living in your walls, and they are eating at the rate we suggested. Can you imagine how quickly they can do significant damage to the wood framing and siding of your home? More than half a million homes across the country are affected every year by termite damage, and it costs American homeowners billions of dollars to repair their homes. Of course, it won’t cause you billions of dollars, but it’s not uncommon for a homeowner to spend several thousand dollars repairing termite damage. Whether or not you have that money accessible is insignificant. The fact of the matter is no one wants to pay good money repairing a home when they could’ve spent far less money protecting it.

4. Don’t Let Your Eyes Deceive You

Termites are sneaky. Often homeowners have fallen victim to a colony of termites long before they realize it. These well-meaning people would do something to change the course of their future if they could, but without professional termite services, they’re unable to see what’s happening behind their walls. A visual examination of your home will not be enough to determine whether or not termites are present until they’ve set up shop and been in your home for months or even years. Signs and symptoms of termite infestation take a long time to appear, and once they have appeared, significant damage has already befallen your home. 

5. DIY Is Never The Best Approach

Finally, we live in a DIY world, and that’s fine when it comes to refinishing furniture or building a deck off the back of your house. However, when it comes to using termite control chemicals to protect your home from an infestation, there are much more manageable, more dependable, and safer ways than the DIY approach. Even if you are as safe as can be handling the products you buy over the counter, there’s no way to ensure effectiveness, which often leads to an unrealistic sense of confidence about your DIY treatment. We know you want to do what’s right by your house and do it as cost-effectively as possible. And we want that for you too. Our team at Holder Termite and Pest Control has decades of experience serving people in this community, and we can keep your home safe at a price you can afford.

The last thing we want to do here today is to send you into a state of panic about your termite control. But we do want you to understand the risks that come with avoiding the inevitable or trying to control termites on your terms. Contact our office today if you’d like to learn more about Holder Termite Control and how we can make your home and your family safe. We’d love to tell you more about how we have served members of the Debary community in the past.