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6 Of The Most Common Pest Control Myths We Hear From Our Customers

There are myths in every culture. They’re often referred to as old wives’ tales or legends and they’re not always based in fact. In our line of work, we hear more myths about pest control than you could even imagine. Most of them are harmless, but some of them are dangerous because they cause people to make unwise pest control decisions. You may be surprised to read some myths on this list that you would have sworn to be true. 

So, without further ado and in no specific order, here are some of the common pest control myths we hear.

Myth 1: If You Can’t See Them They Aren’t There

We regularly hear from customers who didn’t think they had a pest problem because they weren’t actively seeing pests in and around their home. This is especially common when it comes to termites which cause most of their destruction out of sight. The truth is, the warm climate and high humidity in the state of Florida are ideal conditions for most bugs to thrive. This is why professional pest control is so valuable. Our technicians are trained to see things you don’t and to look in places you wouldn’t even consider. 

Myth 2: You Can Out-Clean A Pest Problem

Keeping a clean kitchen is crucial when it comes to keeping some pests under control. Ants, roaches, and rodents will happily turn the floor of your kitchen into a buffet if you let them. However, once you have a pest problem, it’s very difficult to get rid of them by tidying up your mess. By now the pests are trained to come into your home looking for food and it’s going to take a professional intervention to retrain (or eradicate) them. 

Myth 3: Termites Only Damage Homes With Wood Siding

This myth in particular is dangerous because it leads people to believe that unless they live in a wood-sided home, they have no termite concerns. This couldn’t be further from the truth. As you know, termites eat wood, but specifically, they eat a compound in the wood called cellulose. Care to guess what else contains cellulose? Drywall. That’s right, even though the exterior of your home is made of stucco or manufactured siding, there are plenty of things for termites to eat once they find their way inside.

Myth 4: Natural Remedies Are The Best Pest Control

These days there is a natural remedy or essential oil for whatever ails you. We’re not doctors, so we can’t tell you whether or not your remedies work for your health, but we can tell you the impact they have on your pest control. Think about the last time you sat outside with your family and lit a citronella candle to keep away the mosquitoes. The candle may have done a good job to keep the pests away from the dinner table. But it didn’t eliminate them, it annoyed them. You may find essential oils or other natural products that deter pests temporarily, but how long do you want to fight that battle. Professional pest control is all about pest prevention. Put an end to your pest control battles once and for all. 

Myth 5: Fleas Die Without A Host

We’ve got bad news for all you pet owners. The idea that fleas can only live on an animal host is false. Fleas can easily live indefinitely in carpets, bedding, or upholstered furniture. Most adult fleas do live on animals, but their eggs and pupae can live in soft spaces around your home without you realizing it. If your pet has had a flea problem it’s important to treat them for fleas, but that treatment will only kill the fleas on their body. Make sure you call a pest control professional to also treat your home.

Myth 6: Mice Love Cheese

Who knows what cartoon started the myth that mice prefer cheese. Of course, they’d probably eat it if it was the only option, but when it comes to trapping mice cheese is rarely the right bait. In our experience, mice prefer peanut butter. That’s right, the number one treat to load into your mouse traps is peanut butter. In addition to their preference for the stuff, peanut butter is much more difficult to scoop off of a trap without getting caught. That said if you have a mouse problem you probably need to call in the pest control pros. Rodents carry diseases that can be very dangerous to humans, call us to help you eliminate them as soon as possible.

The DIY industry has led people to believe that just about everything can be done at home. And while we celebrate homeowners feeling empowered to tackle their home projects some pest control issues ought to be dealt with professionally. Not only do we have the resources and expertise to handle your pest control issues safely and efficiently, but we can eliminate one more task from your to-do list. If you’re having a pest control problem and need some support, call us today.