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Are You And Your Home Fumigation Ready?

Has your termite problem gone too far? If you’re planning for or even considering whole home fumigation there are a few important things you’ll need to do to prepare your home for the treatment. Taking all of the necessary precautions will protect your home and family against chemicals while saving you money from losses of opened food products and unprotected indoor plants.
Here are some important steps to preparing your home for your upcoming pest control treatment:

1. Find a place to stay

First things first, if you’re having your house fumigated you’ll need an alternative place to stay during the process. If you’re able, this might be a great time for you and your family to get away for a fun weekend. Or, if you find a hotel room in your own town, consider it a staycation!

2. Remove pets and plants
You’ll also need to a place for your pets to stay during treatments. Fumigation is toxic to animals and plants alike, so relocating your birds, fish, and hermit crabs is as important as rehoming your cats and dogs. And, we recommend that you temporarily move your indoor plants outdoors until treatments are completed.

3. Seal up all of your food
Open food containers like chips, crackers, and cereal should be carefully sealed or removed from the home. Even slight openings in packages can allow toxic chemicals to seep inside risking danger for your family members upon returning to your home. Once you schedule your treatment, avoid opening any new packages in advance of your treatment so you don’t have to throw newly opened packages of food away.

4. Leave all your inside doors open
Any closed doors in your home will limit the amount of pesticides that can travel from room to room. The last thing you do before leaving your home before your fumigation treatment should be going around, room to room, to make sure all interior doors, including closets, are left open during the treatment.

Making the decision to fumigate your home is a great thing for your home and family. Treating pests now will assure they don’t continue to do damage on your house. Before you pack your bags and leave, make sure you’ve adequately prepared your home by removing all pets and plants, sealing up opened food containers, and opening all interior doors in your home. If you think fumigation is the right next step to protecting your home, give us a call today. We’d love to come by, inspect your property, and offer a free estimate on our fumigation services.