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Common Signs Your Home Needs Pest Control

Homeownership is exciting and overwhelming all at once. It’s part of the American dream to own a little slice of land with a nice home on it, but along with homeownership comes a lot of responsibility. It’s not uncommon for people to forgo professional pest control and try to manage their pest control issues on their own. We see this all the time when we are eventually called after DIY methods didn’t work. We understand the desire to save a little bit of money each month by avoiding professional pest control, but we assure you that you’ll save more money in the long run by avoiding a pest control nightmare.

If you are unsure about your need for pest control, the answer is plain. If you live in the state of Florida you need pest control. But if you need to see some proof, here are some signs that your home may be in need of professional pest control.

You Kill Ants In Your Home Every Day

Do you have a hard time getting rid of those tiny little ants that invade your house every summer? Does it seem like every time it rains or if the temperature goes above 75 the ants find some way to get back into your house? This is a very common issue that we see in homes that do not have consistent pest control services. Like a lot of bugs, ants hibernate during the winter. The cold weather causes them to slow down substantially and it can be easy to forget that you have an ant problem until about one day where the sun peeks its head out and the weather starts to get warmer. When you live in the state of Florida warm days in the middle of winter are not unusual. In our mild climate, this can mean a household that is struggling to get rid of ants all year long. If ants seem to be an unresolved pest control issue In your home, it’s time to invest in a pest control service. By spending a little bit of money each month to have your home treated, you can say sayonara to those warm weather-loving pests.

You Can Hear Or See Rodents

If you’ve ever heard the faint scratching of rodents in your attic or worse in your walls, you know how unsettling it can be to know that your home is host to unwanted pests. Mice, rats, even squirrels are savvy creatures that can find ways to get into your home that you aren’t even aware of. Sometimes it’s a hole the size of a quarter in your soffit that turns into a rat superhighway. And beyond the irritation of hearing rats scampering around your attic is the fear of where else they may gain entry to. Rats are known to be filthy animals and if they are doing their business in your home do you ought to know about it. Like you and your family, rodent pests want to be warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and often your home is the best and easiest place to find that comfort. The right pest control service can help you eliminate your rodent problem by making it difficult or unpleasant for rats and mice to enter your home.

There Is Evidence Of Termites

There are a number of different ways that you may become aware of it you have a termite problem. Usually, the first sign is a substance that we call frass. Frass is termite excrement and looks like tiny little balls of wood. You may notice at first on your window sills or in Little piles on the floor. This is a sure fire sign that you have termites in your home. If you’ve seen this substance for some time your termite infestation will likely escalate and you may begin to see visual damage to the wood that makes up your windows and doors, your trim, and even the exterior of your home. Termites can do significant damage to any wooden structure so we recommend that as soon as you notice some of these signs you call us right away to learn about our pest control options.

There are just three of the many types of pests you may encounter in your home. At Holder Termite and Pest Control we have seen it all and we have treated it all. Before you wait another day to have a pest control professional take control of your pest problems, consider the money you will save and the frustration you Will avoid by leaving this important job to the experts.

When you’re ready, our team of experienced and highly trained pest control technicians are prepared to provide you with a free consultation. We’ve been proudly serving this community for over 40 years and it would be our honor to serve your family to. Contact us today for more information.