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Finding DeLand’s Best Termite Control Company

Few people are as fortunate as we are to live and work in an area as beautiful and charming as DeLand, FL. Our community and those around it are built on the creativity and ingenuity of small, family-owned businesses. We are so proud to be a small part of that group. We’re so grateful that so many residents of our town, and West Volusia as a whole, are committed to shopping local and hiring local, family-owned service providers. The support of our community enables us to create DeLand jobs and support the local economy. 

With so many big-name companies that provide services all over the country, it can be hard to decide who to hire when looking for a termite control service. You’ve seen advertisements for these national companies on television, but you may not know quite as much about local termite control services. Some things about hiring locally simply can’t be replicated in large national chains.

Longevity Speaks For Itself

Termite control companies like ours have been operating in our communities for decades. We’ve been here through every natural disaster, every super hot summer, and uncharacteristically cold winter. We’ve seen the ebbs and flows of development in DeLand and have served our clients well through every season. When you’re hiring any kind of service provider it’s always worthwhile to determine how long they have been operating in your community. A company that has served a small town like DeLand for decades, as we have, has earned the support of its community. We wouldn’t be able to continue to operate in DeLand if we didn’t provide high-quality pest control services and excellent customer service.

Experience Built Over Time

Another benefit of being around for a long time is the immense amount of experience we have gained. When searching for a termite control company you want a team who has seen everything there is to see in your community. Who has fumigated homes in your neighborhood and has clients on your block. Unlike some national termite control companies, our employees stick with us because they believe in the mission and they love working for our family-owned business. And isn’t that what you want? A termite control specialist who loves their job and sticks around to serve your family for years. Our experience in the termite business means that there is nothing you encounter that we can’t help you with.

A Company Invested in Community

One of the biggest problems with hiring the large, national termite control chains is that they are completely disconnected from the heart of our vibrant small town. They have offices all over Central Florida and may never truly understand what makes us special. Local termite and pest control companies like ours are invested in the community because we and all of our employees are members of the community. We know that what we do matters and we act accordingly.

Services Available Beyond Termite and Pest Control

At Holder Termite and Pest Control, we provide a menu of services to help protect and enhance the homes of our clients. In addition to the many benefits of hiring a local termite control company, you should also consider these important factors. Before you hire any service providers you should take advantage of a free consultation. This is a great opportunity for you to get your questions answered and build confidence in your relationship with the service provider. Our free estimates provide great comfort to our clients and help them make informed decisions about their termite treatments.

It’s also beneficial to hire a termite control company that also provides other valuable services. Why pay separate companies for your pest control, termite control, sprinkler maintenance, lawn treatment, and more, when you can develop a lasting relationship with one company that will check all of those boxes for you.

We hope this article is a reminder of the value of hiring locally no matter the industry. At Holder Pest and Termite Control, we are committed to DeLand because we know that DeLand is committed to us. We’ve poured our lives into serving this community and are grateful to have developed strong and vibrant business and personal relationships along the way.

As you likely know, this time of year is a favorite of all the pests people dislike the most. And besides the discomfort of knowing bugs are living in your walls, a termite infestation can cause serious damage to the home that you and your family love. If you are concerned about termites in your home or surrounding structures, we’re here to help. Termite control is our job, but our passion is serving the community that we love so dearly. Contact our office today for more information about our services and to schedule your completely free consultation. Thank you, to the DeLand community for investing in us. We look forward to many more years of service to this community.