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How Pest Control Can Prevent Armyworms And Other Lawn Infestations

Have you heard the news about the armyworm infestation that is moving across the country? Armyworms are a small, grass-eating worm. While they eventually turn into moths, the time they spend as worms is very productive and highly detrimental to homeowners. They’re given the name armyworm because they travel in troops and are known to decimate previously green lawns in a period of days. Hopefully, none of us will have the experience of walking outside one morning this fall and wondering where in the world all of our grass went while we were sleeping. But this is just one (pretty dramatic) example of how unmanaged yard pests can do severe damage to your untreated lawn.

People often think of pest control as the work we do to keep bugs from coming into your house from outside. That is a big part of our job, especially in Florida. Our clients hire us to create an invisible barrier to keep their homes clean, safe, and pest-free. But keeping pests out is not the whole job. One of the services that we often perform in our community is lawn treatment. A beautiful lawn is the first impression people get of your house, and it’s also the backdrop to a host of family activities, games, and celebrations. If you’d love to have a beautiful, healthy lawn, you should read along to learn more.

Managing Your Lawn Pests

Each season of the year brings with it a different set of outdoor pests. In the rainy summer season, we get complaints of slugs that eat plants and mosquitoes that make spending time outside uncomfortable. Spring is the time when the often despised Eastern Lubber Grasshoppers hatch and munch away at anything green they can find. If you’re managing your lawn pests with DIY products, it’s normal to feel pretty overwhelmed with all of the pests that spring up in Central Florida. Ongoing pest issues like these require consistent, professional intervention. That’s what we provide at Holder Pest Control. Stop your exhausting fight against pests, and let us help you create an outdoor environment you can enjoy all year long.

Flea-Free For Four-Legged Family Members

Of course, it’s not just your family and your beloved plants that depend on Holder for ongoing lawn maintenance. It is common for family pets to get fleas and ticks from walking around in untreated grass. Even if you give your dog the best flea medication on the market, it doesn’t stop fleas from living in your yard. The best way to keep fleas off your pets and out of your house is to treat your grass for them regularly. Like many pests, fleas like warm, damp weather. Spring and summer in Florida are times to be especially vigilant about lawn care to protect your family pets from irritating flea bites.

Food For Your Grass

There’s more good news. While we are a pest control company, our lawn treatments do more than just eliminate the pests that make your life miserable. We specialize in helping our clients enjoy beautiful lawns by providing them a nutrient-rich diet that leaves them looking green and lush. The rainy season in Florida makes your grass grow tall, but it can also wash out some of the essential nutrients in the soil. Our treatments give your grass everything it needs to grow healthy for years to come.

Comfortable Lawn For Family

Do you know what you get when you have a pest-free, nutritiously fed lawn? Comfort! If you have kids or grandkids rolling in your grass, running around kicking a soccer ball, and throwing impromptu picnics on your property, you want it to be as comfortable as possible. Or perhaps you just want lush and comfortable padding under your feet when you walk out to the mailbox or enjoy your coffee in the backyard. However you use your lawn, our treatments are sure to create a comfortable environment to act as a backdrop for your life. 

The good news is that the armyworm infestation that is spreading across the country hasn’t made its way to the state of Florida and probably won’t. States like Oklahoma, Maryland, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Texas are at the center of this lawn pest epidemic. While you don’t need to worry about armyworms, we have plenty of our own pests to worry about.

If you’re not already investing in lawn treatments for your property, there’s no better time than today to start. We have a feeling that after reading this, it will be difficult not to think about it every time you’re outside enjoying your lawn. The great thing about joining the Holder family is that we are a one-stop-shop. Why hire multiple companies when you can work with one local, family-owned business to meet all of your pest control, termite control, and lawn treatment needs. If you’re a resident of Volusia County and are ready to make your lawn the most beautiful on the block, contact our office today.