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How to Prepare For Your New Sod Install

Adding a bright, healthy green lawn to your home gives your curb appeal just the facelift you’ve been looking for. A great way to achieve that beautiful lawn is to start fresh with a brand new sod install. If you’ve decided new sod is the way to go, here are some things that need to be done to prepare for your beautiful new lawn.
Choose The Turf
Picking the right turf for your home is important. Every type of grass is different and some do better in different climates. There are so many different types of grass, but some that are common in Florida yards are St. Augustine, Bahia, Zoysia, and Bermuda grasses.

St. Augustine grass
St. Augustine grass is by far the most common sod installed in Florida. It requires consistent watering and can be prone to chinch bug invasion, however it is otherwise a very resilient grass. It does well in full sun and is a running grass that spreads quickly.

Bahia grass
Bahia grass requires less watering and fertilization and is also a resilient grass. Like St. Augustine grass, Bahia grass goes dormant during the colder months and springs right back to life once the weather warms up.

Zoysia grass
Zoysia is a non-native grass that has been covering American lawns for over a century. Like these other grasses, Zoysia is very drought tolerant and lays dormant during the winter. But unlike St. Augustine grass it does a good job of defending against pests.

Bermuda grass
Bermuda grass is a less common turf to use for a residential sod install. It is more often used on golf courses and athletic fields. Bermuda grass is dense, resilient to foot traffic, and very tolerant of Florida’s weather.

Prepare the Soil
Once you’ve chosen which grass will make the most sense for your sod install, it’s important to contact an expert at Holder Pest Control to come out and test your soil. We perform extensive soil and pH testing to ensure that your yard is ready to receive its new sod. Additionally, an experienced professional can carefully remove existing grass and treat for possible funguses that may be flourishing underground.

After your initial consultation with a Holder Pest Control professional, your old grass has been removed and the ground treated, it’s time to start the installation! Once your sod install is complete, make sure you take careful care of your grass by learning how much to water and fertilize it to keep it healthy. If managing your lawn seems like an extra burden, consider our regular lawn treatments as well as sprinkler system installation and maintenance. Avoid making costly mistakes and leave the lawn maintenance to Holder.

What’s most important to us is that you and your family have a safe and comfortable place to gather and play outside your home. This is a great time of year to get started on your sod install project, so contact us today for a free estimate. At Holder Pest Control we’ve been serving Volusia County families for more than three decades and we’d love to welcome you to the Holder family.