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Is All That Shade Counteracting Your Lawn Care Investment

This may be hard to swallow, but your shady backyard is contributing to your unhealthy grass. Your lawn needs the sun to stay healthy and green, so all the shade that’s keeping you so cool in the middle of the afternoon is also keeping your grass from growing. And if you’re investing in professional lawn care you may not realize that your shady lawn is counteracting all the work of your talented lawn care team.
Cut Back The Canopy
Big, beautiful shade trees can increase your property value, create homes for songbirds, and shade your family from the summer sun. But that big canopy of branches, if not managed, can get out of control and turn summer shade into a lack of nourishment for your grass. This doesn’t mean you need to remove trees altogether. Simply commit to keeping the canopy pruned so the sun can shine through.

Trim Bushes And Shrubs
Just as overgrown trees can counteract your lawn care, so too can overgrown bushes and shrubs. If your shrubs are creeping out too far and casting shadows on your grass it is probably time to prune them up. And it’s worth noting that regularly maintaining your plants and trees keeps them healthier and looking beautiful all year long.

Be Aware Of Shade Placement
In Florida, it’s summer all year long, but when summer actually rolls around it’s important to provide shade as your friends and family attempt to enjoy the outdoors together. When natural foliage doesn’t provide the shade you need homeowners turn to tents, umbrellas, and sunshades to cast enough shadow to make outdoor living bearable. But that same shadow also keeps your lawn from getting the sun that it needs. If you use a large tent or umbrella in the backyard, do your best to ensure that it doesn’t block too big a portion of your lawn from getting sun, and take it down when not in use to give your grass time to recover.

Believe us, we understand the importance of summer shade! But just be aware of the unfortunate side effects of all of the shade you’re enjoying this summer. Some grasses can survive in highly shaded areas, but not everyone is ready to make the investment of all new turf. If you do want to invest in new grass or you have more questions about finding the balance between lawn care and comfortable shade, call us today.