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Is My Deltona Home In Need Of Termite Control?

There are a lot of things to think about as a homeowner. You’re regularly tracking the systems and appliances that keep your busy household buzzing day in and day out. One of the things that many families commit to is regular pest control. They know that for a monthly fee, they can rest assured knowing that they’re not going to wake up to a settlement of cockroaches living in the kitchen cabinets. But fewer families take the time and money to invest in termite control. This is unfortunate because the amount of damage that a single termite colony can do is mind-blowing. Our clients in the Deltona area have direct experience working with the termite team at Holder and know for a fact that investing in termite control is well worth the money.

Whether or not you’ve already made a move to invest in termite control, it’s essential to know the signs and signals that you should be looking for to determine the severity of a termite infestation. We’ve created this simple system below to help you understand exactly how you should respond to termite issues that you’re having.

Green Light – No Sign Of Bugs Or Damage Anywhere On Your Property

If you live in a home and have seen absolutely no signs of bug damage or live termites worms anywhere in your home or around your property, you’re probably in pretty good shape. We’d say you have the green light to move forward (to use a traffic metaphor). Here’s the thing: today’s green light does not mean anything for the future. A house with a green light today and no signs of termites or termite damage might end up with an infestation within the year. It doesn’t take long for termites to infest a home and do irreparable damage. If you’re lucky enough to fall into the green light category, take this as your opportunity to secure professional termite control before you desperately need it.

Yellow Light – Swarms On Trees At The Outskirts Of Your Property

To extend the driving metaphor, we give a yellow light to homeowners who have seen no signs of termite or termite damage anywhere inside or outside their home but have seen swarms on trees on the outskirts of their property. This is how termites find their way into homes. First, they make a meal of the dead or dying trees on your land until they move closer and closer to your home. Then the next thing you know, you have a termite problem. If this sounds like you, your home is likely still in pretty good shape at this point. However, the only way for us to know for sure is to perform an investigation of your home. It’s also important to remember that a yellow light today means you’re getting closer and closer to a red light tomorrow, so we recommend that this is the perfect time to call a termite company to come in and investigate further.

Red Light – Active Termite Swarms Near Your Home

Stop! If you see swarms of termites on or near your home, it’s time to call a termite company as soon as possible. The remarkable speed at which a termite colony invades at home and starts to reproduce would blow your mind. A swarm today might mean severe damage within months. If you notice a swarm around your home, we highly recommend you call someone immediately. Termites typically swarm in the spring, which is right around the corner. Bear that in mind as you weigh the decision to call a termite company.

Police Lights – Current Termite Activity And Damage To Your Home

What comes after you run a red light? Police lights in your rearview mirror. Once you have noticed termite damage in your home around your windows, doors, and even on your floorboards, your termite infestation has gotten out of hand. You can visit our website here to learn more about the extreme growth of termite colonies. To sum it up, you must know that once a termite colony makes its home inside your walls, it won’t stop eating until there’s nothing left to eat. That might sound dramatic, but termites have a purpose in the natural world: to break down trees and branches on a forest floor to keep the ecosystem healthy. The termites eating your house are simply doing their job—just doing it in the wrong place.

Hopefully, these four levels of termite infestation severity will make it easy for you to determine where your home sits on the termite damage spectrum. We share this information with you so that you feel informed enough to make the best choices to protect your home and treasured belongings. Our team at Holder Termite Control works hard to help Deltona homeowners keep their homes termite-free. If you’re interested in learning more about our termite control services or to set up a free estimate, contact our office today.

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