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Some of the Most Common DeLand Pest Control Issues

Do you ever notice the glorious lull in unwanted pests that comes as the hot, wet summers fade into the cooler months in Florida? During this time of year, your pets are less itchy, you’re no longer seeing those annoying little sugar ants in your kitchen, it truly is a wonderful season. Then, after a couple of weeks of spring weather, summer comes raging back in with all of its heat and rain and with it the bugs. Bugs are cold-blooded meaning they slow down during cold weather and ramp up their activity when the weather warms up. Additionally, you’ll find that many pests seek warm damp environments which are especially easy to find when the summer rains start rolling in. 

We’ve been providing pest control for DeLand homeowners for decades and in that time we can assure you that we’ve seen in all. But every year we encounter the same pest control issues due largely to the same pests. Of course, there are always outliers, but if you’re living in DeLand and aren’t quite sure which bug is causing your current problem, it’s safe to say it’s probably one of these.

Frustrating Fleas

Animal lovers beware, summer is the season of fleas. In typical bug fashion, fleas go dormant during cooler weather. You probably notice that your pets aren’t quite as itchy and scratchy around Christmas time. That’s the time of year when fleas take their long winter nap and store up plenty of energy to terrorize your family pets for the rest of the year. Most flea problems originate in your yard, and often if they aren’t treated with proper pest control, the issue can move indoors. In addition to living on your pet, fleas can also live for some time in your carpets, upholstered furniture, and linens. Once they’ve migrated into your home the humans in your family are more likely to be bitten by them. If you’re living in the DeLand area and are experiencing a flea problem, no matter what time of year it is, we urge you to hire a pest control company. The longer fleas live in your yard or home, the harder it is to get rid of them.

Too Many Ants

There are 12,000 species of ants in the world. Fortunately, they are not all indigenous to the Central Florida area. But there are a few species of ants that tend to cause the most havoc in this area. You might think that termites are the only wood-eating bug you have to protect your home from, but that’s where you’d be wrong. The carpenter ant is a large ant that carves its home out of damp rotting wood by eating it. The damage caused by carpenter ants can cause serious issues for any structure. If you see wood damage that appears to be caused by large ants, call a pest control professional. 

Another type of ant DeLand residents tend to see more of this time of year is the fire ant. Fire ants are one of few types of ants that sting. Depending upon the person, reactions to a fire ant can vary from a small bug bite to blisters, to even more serious reactions. If you have pets or young children, it’s worth it to have a pest control company treat your lawn and rid it of fire ants. 

And finally, possibly the most hated ant in Florida is the one we call the sugar ant. You know the one, the tiny little ant that (no matter what you do) always seems to find its way into your kitchen. These ants generally aren’t dangerous. They’re not going to bite anyone, nor are they going to cause structural damage to your home, but they are gross. If you feel like you are in an uphill battle against them, it’s probably time to hire a pest control company.

Dangerous Termites

We are so lucky in DeLand to live in an area filled with beautiful historic homes. And do you know what all of those homes are made of? You guessed it: wood. And do you know which pest causes the most wood damage in the DeLand area? That’s right, the termite. As experts in the termite and pest control industry, we encounter every pest problem you can imagine, but most of them don’t hold a candle to termites. The fact is, you may never even see the termites that live in your house. They don’t invade your kitchen or attack your pets, but they do inflict tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage in homes around our area every year. If you live in a historic home (and even if you don’t) regular pest control is an important part of the long-term investment you make in your house.

Disgusting Roaches 

Of all the bugs that people hate, cockroaches are one of those that give most people the willies. Something about them is just gross. Besides their yuck factor and how difficult it can be to eliminate them. Cockroaches are also known to trigger allergies and can carry bacteria that are harmful to people. If your DeLand house has a cockroach problem, you’re not alone. We see this pest control problem all the time. 

Chances are, if you’re a homeowner in the DeLand area, you’ve encountered at least one of these pest control issues. Don’t worry, these issues are common and we are prepared to help you fix them. Just like most household issues, early and consistent treatment of your pest control problem makes it easier to conquer. If you’re looking for a DeLand area pest control company to help protect your home this season, give us a call today.