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The 3 Natural Termite Control Remedies We Recommend

Over the last decade, we have noticed a significant shift toward homeowners choosing to DIY their pest and termite control. We understand the instinct as we’re surrounded by media showing homeowners taking on big tasks on their own. However, there is a big difference between building a new deck and acting as your termite control specialist. 

There are many reasons why we recommend homeowners avoid DIYing their termite control. First and foremost, the task requires the use of substances which when used inappropriately can be unhealthy. If you’re planning to go to your local home improvement store and buy something over the counter, be sure that you are very clear on how to use the substance properly and safely.

Another common risk to DIY termite control is that it doesn’t always work. You may be spreading diatomaceous earth and essential oils around your property for months on end thinking that you’re keeping your home safe from termites when in reality they’re already in your home and making a meal of your framing hidden behind your walls. Termites work quickly, and every day counts in the fight to protect your home from these pests. If you suspect there may already be a termite control issue at your home, skip the natural remedies and call a professional as soon as possible.

All of that said, there are some natural approaches to termite control that may prevent you from having an issue in the first place. Again, we want to be very clear that these natural prevention steps are not a surefire way to avoid an infestation, nor will they kill the termites that are already in your home. However, they’re a good place to start.

1. Let The Sun Shine In

Termites are naturally drawn to certain environments, and one thing they love is darkness. If you’re familiar with subterranean termites, you may have seen the mud tubes that they build from the ground, up the foundation, and into your home. The purpose of these tubes to shield termites from the sun. Is there an area of your property where your yard is a little too overgrown and keeping sunlight from shining through? A great way to prevent a pest infestation is to trim back trees and bushes away from your home enough to allow the sun in. 

2. Dry Is Better

Another thing that termites love is dampness. Often dampness and darkness go together on your property and termites are very drawn to the areas where they can get both. Unfortunately, there are sometimes areas of dampness that families aren’t even aware of. Tiny leaks in the roof, in water pipes, or a shower pan can cause a build-up of water and moisture that is unable to dry. Leaks like these may be unnoticeable at first, but it won’t take long for termites to find their way to these dark, damp spaces. Some common signs of invisible leaks are peeling paint, mold growth, or staining on walls and ceilings. Keep your eyes peeled for any of these signs that point to a termite-attracting problem. And when all else fails know that your termite control team at Holder is here to help you recover from an infestation. 

3. Remove All Temptation

Termites love wood, and if there’s one valuable, “natural” termite control treatment you and your family can focus on eliminating all of the tempting wooden morsels around your property. Do you have a rotten tree, old build materials, or rotting decking around your home? That stack of old firewood leaning up against your home may well be a termite superhighway without you even noticing it. Additionally, we find that good tree work is a very important partnership to excellent termite control. Scan the outside of your home for items or structures that may be acting as a conduit for unwanted termite control issues and do what you can to remove them. If, during this process, you find evidence of termite damage, don’t fret. Just call our termite control team and feel confident knowing that your actions may have saved you from significant damage down the line.

This may not be the list you were expecting to read in your search for “natural termite control.” You can find plenty of that other information all over the internet. But in the decades of termite control services we have provided to this community, we’ve seen time and again that those techniques never quite work the way you hope they will. And as we’ve said before, the more time you spend trying to handle termite control with homemade potions and elixirs, the more time you give termites to make a meal of your home. 

If you’ve tried the DIY route and are ready for a professional termite control service, contact us today. The team at Holder Termite and Pest Control is ready to help!

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