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The Kind Of Pest Control You May Need After 6 Months Of Quarantine

We’ve spent most of 2020 quarantined in our homes with our families. Some people have enjoyed this time, others are on the verge of going mad, but all of us have homes that are better lived in than ever before! When life is normal mom, dad, and the kids all leave the house each day to head off to work and school and the house sits empty. Upon your return, the house is just as clean as when you left it. However, over the last few months, many families have been quarantined in their homes, and their normally tidy abodes transformed into the Grand Central Station of their lives.

As your family has spread out around your home, carving out living spaces to work and play, you may have noticed that your very lived-in home has more pest control problems than ever before. Eating, drinking, playing, and socializing inside your home is at an all-time high. Homeowners who never committed to pest control in the past are suddenly desperate for it. Are you surprised by the influx of pests in or around your home? Here are the common issues we’re seeing and some pest control solutions that can help you alleviate them.

Food In Previously Unauthorized Areas

Can you remember a previous time in your family’s life that you fed three square meals to every member of your household for so many days at a time? When breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and every snack in between all take place under your roof you’re bound to have more mess than usual. In order to get a little space from one another, you may have noticed your kids taking their snacks all over the house. Inevitably crumbs, empty drink cans, and used dishes can be found in bedrooms where – all things being normal – they previously were not allowed. 

There are two pest control approaches that ought to be addressed in tandem. First, you’ve got to set some rules around stray snacking. Sure, your kids can take a snack into their room, but they need to bring the plate back when they’re done. The more you can limit the spread of food, the more control you’ll have over your pest problem. Additionally, we cannot impress upon you enough the value of ongoing professional pest control. One visit from a pest control pro may stop your immediate roach or ant problem, an ongoing relationship will help you avoid it altogether.

A Very Active Kitchen

Lots of families have taken up cooking as a hobby in the wake of Coronavirus quarantine. It’s fun and a lot less expensive than getting take out each night. If this sounds like you, in addition to the snacks and meals that are being eaten in rooms all over your house, your kitchen is getting a lot more action than normal. As you know, the kitchen is the heart of your home and it’s the first place that pests tend to show up uninvited. The number of pests who are dying to find a way into your kitchen is staggering. Ants, roaches, fruit flies, and even rats can become an issue if you’re not careful. Good kitchen pest control starts with the commitment to keep the surfaces clean and clear of food. But keeping a spotless kitchen 24 hours a day isn’t an option for many families, and that is exactly why professional pest control is essential these days. A pest control professional can help you eradicate your pests and they can also help you understand how they’re getting inside in the first place.

Busy Kids And Open Doors

When you’re running a busy household with active children you get used to kids and pets coming in and out of your house several times an hour throughout the summer. Only this year, it started back in March! And what happens when the door stays open all the time? Well, besides the increase in your power bill, you inevitably end up letting what’s outside come inside. Before you know it, flies, mosquitoes, and other bugs have free rein of your home. While our pest control team can help you with regular treatment of your house and property, this issue really comes down to finding a way to seal off the entrances. If hollering at the kids to keep the door closed isn’t working, consider adding a screen door

Summer Fun In The Backyard

Is there anything better than the happy squeals of children playing outside on a hot summer day? Slip n’ Sliding, swimming in the pool, and climbing trees are some of our favorite summer pastimes, but we know better than most how a lack of pest control can put an end to outside fun really fast. Imagine your child playing in a pile of dirt that turns out to be a fire ant mound. You don’t want that, and we don’t want that for you. That’s why our technicians treat your yard as well as the inside of your home. We want your home and your property to be fun and liveable and our experienced pest control technicians can make it happen for you.

We all have high hopes for the next coming months, and hopefully, sometime soon social distancing will be a faint memory. But in the meantime, we’re helping families take action today on their pest control needs so that their family home can continue to keep them safe and happy for the months to come. If your family is in need of a dependable pest control service, contact us today.