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The Summertime Weather That Reminds You to Get Termite Control

Sometimes it feels like the things happening around us in the world are impossible to anticipate. The current global pandemic is a great example of a situation none of us knew was coming yet had to respond to. But regardless of the things in our lives that we cannot control, there are still many other things that we should be able to anticipate. To some degree, seasonal weather is one of those things. Seasons come and go, and with summertime comes a variety of weather-related joys and frustrations.
Each summer, homeowners in the state of Florida have come to expect a lot of rain. And not just any rain. Hurricane season begins in June and runs until November and in that time, even when not at risk of an actual hurricane, Floridians experience lots and lots of rain. And while all of that water is great for our yards, it very easily causes damage to our homes. Of all of the hazards associated with an abundance of rain, you may be surprised to find that termites are on the list. Termites are the pests that homeowners hate the most and they are attracted to environments that are warm and damp. Summer in Florida can provide warm and damp environments better than anywhere else around.

Professional termite control is the best way to fight against the damage that unwanted pests cause, but there are also lots of things that you as a homeowner ought to be doing to protect your home. In order to properly fight against termite infestation, it’s important to know what exactly it is about your home that is attracting unwanted pests, to begin with. There are two categories of water-related risks that you should consider when implementing a termite control plan for your home. There are risks related to water intrusion and risks related to factors outside your home.

Water Intrusion Risks
It should go without saying that a safe home is buttoned up to keep the elements out. But are you aware of the places in which the elements are trying to sneak into your home? One of the most common weather-related water intrusion issues is the leaking roof. This may be caused by storm damage or age, either way, the damage caused by a leaking roof will undoubtedly be counterproductive to your termite control efforts.

Often leaking roofs are easier to see than our next water intrusion risks. When a leak happens in your roof you’ll generally see the resulting leak as it drips onto the ceilings in your home and causes staining. But how long will it take you to see water leaking in through faulting exterior siding? Leaks like these are harder to identify and because of that cause significant water damage before you ever notice it.

Of course, there are many other ways in which water hinders your termite control efforts, but these two are the most common.

Exterior Risks
Do you have lots of trees on your property? Do you know if they’re all healthy? Decaying wood outside your home is just as much of a risk to your termite control efforts as leaks inside. Rotting or downed trees, fallen limbs from storms and strong winds, and woodpiles are common places that termite control professionals find infestations outside of homes. Once areas like these are infested its only a matter of time before termites start making their way into your home for their next meal. The best termite control effort you can make is to clear your yard of all debris. If you want to keep a pile of wood for fires make sure to store it away from your house.

You may be surprised to hear that your deck and fencing may also be problematic for your home. Both decking and fencing are exposed to the weather year-round, but especially during the wet summer season. The biggest risk from these elements of your home comes because they are often directly attached to the home and also directly in contact with the ground. This may create a termite superhighway making it all too easy for unwanted bugs to find their way into the structure of your house.

The Termite Control Solution
The aforementioned list is shared not to instill fear of the inclement summer rains, but to help you feel informed about the opportunities those rains provide for hungry termites. If you’re wondering what in the world a homeowner is to do, the answer is simple. Professional termite control services are well worth the investment for the confidence they give you in knowing that your home is safe. While some homes will need immediate fumigation to treat ongoing termite issues, many more homes only need regular visits from a termite control profession to keep them safe. But, regardless of what your home needs to stay protected from termites during the Florida summer rains, professional termite control is the consistent theme.

The summer rains are here, and they’re not going anywhere any time soon. If you’re ready to call in the professionals to protect your home from potential termite infestation, give us a call today.