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Top Pests to Be Wary of During Florida’s Winter Season

There’s good news and bad news when it comes to pest infestations during Florida’s relatively mild winter season. The good news is a lot of pests hibernate during this time of year, and the unfortunate news is many of them seek shelter inside our homes. We are right there with you if you’re worried about protecting your house from pests this winter. There is nothing worse than trying to enjoy the holidays while swatting bugs away from your favorite Christmas chocolates. Here are some top pests you should be wary of this winter.

Sneaky Subterranean Termites

You’ve heard of termites attacking your home in swarms. These termites commonly show up in the spring. But did you know that there are termites called Subterranean Termites that make their way into your home from underground? These termites are first identified because they build mud tubes from the ground up to the foundation of your house to allow their army of pests a safe passage into your home. If you walk around your home with an eye toward the ground, you might see evidence of an active Subterranean Termite infestation. This becomes especially concerning during the winter because the termites leave the cold ground searching for a warm place to live. Unfortunately, that warm place is within the walls of your home. If you are a homeowner in central Florida and have yet to speak to a pest control company about protecting your home from termites, let today be the day you take care of it.

Dirty Cockroaches 

Commonly considered one of the grossest pests, this winter, roaches may find their way inside your home in search of safety and food. Pests are just like us. They want a roof over their heads, a refreshing sip of water, and something to eat. Unfortunately, they come out of hiding in search of those things in the winter when it’s too cold for them to live outside. It doesn’t help that the winter is the time of family gatherings and parties with friends where kids are baking and leaving delicious crumbs all over the house. If you have a roach problem you can’t seem to get control of, contact our pest control team. We will be happy to help you protect your home this winter.

Uninvited Rodents

At the risk of overstating the point, you must remember that pests want the same things we want, and rodents are included in that. During the winter, rodents are more likely to seek shelter inside your home as the weather outside becomes less hospitable. Unlike roaches that can squeeze through imperceptibly small holes to gain entrance to your home, rodent entry points are more likely to be visible to the eye. Once you’ve¬†seen a rodent in your home, look around to determine how it got in. The easiest way to get rid of them is to shut off their access to the interior of your home. While this is a really simple way to gain control of your rodent problem, we always recommend that you also engage the services of a professional pest control company that could help you and your road and troubles for good.

Creepy-Looking Silverfish

Is there anything weirder than a silverfish? It’s a tiny wingless bug that resembles a lobster. While these pests are not harmful, they are a nuisance and can grow out of control if not taken care of properly. Silverfish are found in bathrooms, closets, and other dark places. They eat paper, glue, cardboard, and other dead insects. If you have a number of silverfish in your home, call a pest control company, we’d be happy to help you eliminate the problem.

Winter is a season of joy for family and community, and you don’t want to spend the entire time cleaning up after unwanted pests. If you’re ready to end your current infestation, call our office. We would love to help you make your home more comfortable this season.

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