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What Central Florida’s Hot and Rainy Season Means for Pests

Central Florida is the place to be during the summer. People come from around the world to visit our state parks, enjoy fun in the sun at our beaches, and explore all the tourism industry has to offer. Even we Central Florida residents get in on the fun. But we’re not the only ones. Just as our hot and rainy summers attract human visitors, they also attract more pests than you’d like to think about. We’ve included a list of some of Central Florida’s most prolific summer pests that you should be on the lookout for this summer.

Angry Fire Ants

Ouch! These tiny pests pack a painful bite. Fire ants are best recognized by their tall mounds and thrive in hot, dry weather. For this reason, you may be more likely to encounter them during the beginning of summer when the rain is less frequent. No matter when or where they pop up, you don’t want to wait long before treating them. Fire ants can put a damper on spending time outside and are indiscriminate when biting, meaning they may easily attack unknowing children or pets who tromp through their mounds. If you see signs of a fire ant hill on your property, call for professional pest control as soon as possible!

Dangerous Termites

You’ll find that most pests prefer warm, damp weather, and that is certainly true of this destructive bug. Termites are known to swarm in the springtime, making them primed and ready to nibble away at your home during the height of the summer. They thrive in dark, damp, warm conditions, which is why they’re found inside your walls and not crawling across your floors. If you see signs and symptoms of termite damage in your home this summer, we urge you to call us for professional pest control as quickly as possible. Untreated termites can significantly damage your property in a very short period of time.

Spooky Spiders

Have you seen a lot more spiders around your home lately? The good news is that most spiders found in Florida are harmless to humans. However, there are two types, the black widow and the brown recluse, that can be harmful or even deadly. If you see that the warm wet summer weather has drawn spiders around your home, it is the perfect time to reach out to our office and find out how we can help you with our professional pest control services.

Gross Roaches

Cockroaches are, for the most part, not dangerous. They carry some disease risk, but most people’s issue with roaches is that they’re gross. Like most pests, cockroaches thrive in dark, cool places, and when the summer sun heats the ground outside, they tend to search for ways to get inside near sources of food and water. It’s common to see them in the evening, and often at-home pest control products don’t make a dent in your roach problem. If you regularly see live cockroaches in your home, the pest control experts at Holder can help.

Itchy Mosquitoes

Last but certainly not least, the pest that Central Florida homeowners despise the most is the mosquito. Mosquitoes thrive in our summer weather. They lay their eggs in standing water, so summer’s heavy rains provide the perfect opportunity for them to reproduce. In addition to itchy bites, mosquitoes are widely known to carry infectious diseases from person to person and are therefore more of a hazard than an annoyance. You can do some things to eliminate the risk of mosquito infestation in your yard, but ultimately, the best way to treat mosquitoes is with professional pest control.

There have to be some downsides to living in a tropical paradise where it’s summer most of the year, right? Indeed, we have our fair share of weather phenomena and the perfect environment for unwanted pests. If you are frustrated by the number of pests invading your central Florida home these days, we would love to help you regain control of your home environment. Give us a call when you’re ready for a free consultation.

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