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Why Landlords Should Include Lawn Care In Their Rental Agreement

Have you made the choice to become a landlord? If so you know that there are tons of decisions that you have to make. What kind of tenant are you looking for? Will you leave the carpet down, or opt for a more durable flooring? The choices are endless. And in addition to those choices there are some expenses that you’ll have to bear in mind. While your tenants will be paying for their own water and cable, you’ll be on the hook for any big problems that arise like a leak in the roof or a broken toilet. But there’s one more expense we think you’ll want to consider: lawn care. How do you ensure that they continue caring for your lawn the way you would? Hire a professional service to maintain it in your place.
Ensure The House’s Appearance Is Maintained
Your lawn is the first thing anyone will see when they drive past your house, and whether or not you’re living there at the time, your property’s lawn will speak volumes to your neighbors. You can’t control your tenants or the degree to which they maintain the inside of the home, but you can be sure that the property still looks tidy and clean by including lawn care with your tenant’s rent. Plus, when your renters come home to an immaculate lawn they’ll take pride in their home and hopefully take care of it just as nicely as you would.

Protect Lawn and Sprinklers From Misuse
Even the most well-meaning renters can create big problems if they’re not quite sure what they’re doing. But you can prevent your black-thumbed renter from ruining your grass or breaking your sprinklers by having them maintained by a professional lawn care service. While your renters may feel like they’re getting an extra benefit out of the deal, it’s you who will be able to rest easy knowing that your property will be maintained up to your standards even when you’re not living there.

Regular Maintenance Now Means Less Work Later
Maintaining a lawn is a job that requires consistency, and if your next tenants aren’t much for gardening that you can say goodbye to that grass you worked so hard to cultivate. The monthly fee that you pay to maintain your healthy grass during your renters tenure at your property will pale in comparison to what it will cost in time and money to start all over again later on.

If you’re looking into renting your home and are worried about what your tenants might do to your pristine lawn, you might consider providing lawn care as part of your rental agreement. The right lawn care company will keep your grass in tip top condition so you don’t have a disaster to contend with in the future. For more information about Holder Termite and Pest Control’s lawn maintenance services, contact us today.