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Why Lawn Care Is Good For More Than Keeping Up Appearances

There’s no denying the fact that a home with high-quality lawn care just looks better. A beautifully cared for lawn is also a lush, green welcome mat to invite you home each day. But proper lawn maintenance plays a much larger role than simply maintaining a pleasing aesthetic. A well cared for lawn is also healthy and strong and can sustain Florida’s sometimes unruly weather.
Too often homeowners reject the idea of investing in lawn care because they don’t realize the long term benefits. But just like any other part of your home or life, money invested in lawn care today is big money saved in lawn repair in the future.

Makes Your Lawn More Resilient In Weather
While Florida is known as the sunshine state, we also get our fair share of weather. From the daily summer rainstorms to the occasional winter cold snaps we can really run the weather gamut during the year. And in addition to the weather, our lawns must be able to stand up to the heat of long, sunny summer days. A lawn that is regularly maintained by a lawn care professional is stronger and heartier than grass left unattended. This stronger grass with healthier root systems will be able to sustain all kinds of different weather scenarios that may occur throughout the year.

Helps Grasses Withstand Disease
Grasses that are improperly watered, fertilized, or mowed, are more susceptible to disease. Are you surprised to hear that your lawn can carry disease? Many well-intentioned homeowners take on the task of their own lawn maintenance only to discover that their inexperience has led them down a path leading to some hard to treat grass diseases. The list of lawn diseases is long, and in the end, the solution comes back to your willingness as a homeowner to invest in high-quality professional lawn care.

Protects Against Pests and Weeds
In addition to, and even more commonly occurring than, lawn diseases are the risks associated with an infestation of pests and disease. Lawn pests are many times the cause of unsightly brown or dead spots in your grass. And all of the extra watering you’ve been doing to resurrect that patch is doing more harm than good. Not to mention that fact that mistreated weeds can spread like wildfires in your yard making it nearly impossible to recover the lovely turf you’ve invested so much time and energy into. But, a lawn that is regularly maintained by a lawn care professional is less likely to fall victim to invasive bugs and weeds.

Your physician promotes prevention as a way to avoid specific health concerns, and the same lesson applies to your lawn. A lawn that is well fed, watered, and maintained is more healthy and resilient to all kinds of different stressors. Do yourself a favor and avoid any added heartache by handing over the management of your lawn to a professional you can trust. If you’d like to learn more about how Holder Termite and Pest Control can help your lawn, contact us today.