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3 Common Uses For Drip Irrigation

When you’re asked think about irrigation what first comes to mind? Is it the sprinkler system you have buried in your front yard? That’s a common first thought. Perhaps you think of the large systems that farmers use to water entire crops. Both of these things are types of irrigating systems, but another that you may not immediately think of is drip irrigation. This type of watering is ideal in many different situations. Here are some of its more popular uses.
1. Raised Bed Gardening
If you’re growing a garden at your home, especially in the state of Florida where our dirt is closer to sand than soil, you’re probably opting to grow in a raised bed of some kind. And in order to ensure that all of your produce, from lettuce to gourds, gets the optimal amount of water, you’ll likely choose to invest in a drip irrigation system. Watering in this manner is perfect for gardening because it allows you to direct just the right amount of water in the exact right direction. You avoid over-watering, and you save money on water that would be lost on a traditional sprinkler system.

2. That Pesky Side Yard
Try as you may, your side yard simply will not cooperate with your existing sprinkler system. It’s probably too narrow and likely sandwiched between your house and the privacy fence making it difficult to install a sprinkler that doesn’t drench your house. If this sounds about right to you a drip system is exactly what you need. Installed in the ground beneath your side yard plantings, a simple drip system will allow you to provide adequate water to this currently neglected side of your yard without the need to completely adjust your existing sprinkler system.

3. Sensitive Plants And Flowers
As with vegetable gardens, there are certain plants and flowers that have very specific watering needs. Whether they need a lot of water or just a little, a drip irrigation system allows you to control the amount of hydration they get. You can simply adjust your sprinkler system to avoid specific sections of your yard that contain water-sensitive plants and install drip system in those areas. Now you can carefully control the amount of water (except for in the rainy season) these plants get.

Not every bit of your property requires the same amount of water, but drip irrigation is a simple and effective way to cater your watering to your specific needs. You can install a system yourself, or hire a professional to install it for you. Either way, this style of watering is sure to save you time and money while giving your plants the exact amount of attention they need. For more information about these types of systems, or to consult with one of our experts, contact us today.