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Drywood Termite
Because termites live inside the walls of your home, you may never see them. But, you can easily identify them by the piles of droppings and loose wings they leave behind.
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What kind of habitats does a drywood termite prefer?

Drywood termites love to eat wood and are attracted the wooden beams and boards that make up your home as well as the wood in the trees surrounding it. They prefer dark, warm environments and are often hidden from sight. The first sign that alerts homeowners to a potential drywood termite infestation is rarely a live termite sighting. Rather, signs such as small mounds of termite droppings (called frass), discarded wings, or sings of bubbling or peeling paint could be indicative of Drywood termites. They prefer dry, hard woods found in banisters, floorboards, and structural beams. Drywood termites swarm in early spring when the weather starts to warm up.

What damage does a drywood termite cause?

It’s difficult to communicate how much damage drywood termites can cause in a home. Across the United States, drywood termite damage costs homeowners hundreds of millions of dollars every single year. Though tiny, these pests are very hungry and they’ll eat and eat for as long as they live. Unfortunately, it can take years for a homeowner to begin to see signs of a drywood termite infestation, at which point significant damage will already have occurred. If a Holder specialist find that your property has a Drywood termite infestation, we normally recommend tent fumigation.

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