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Stinging Insects

Aside from inflicting pain, some stinging insect are also destructive to homes and other structures.
Holder Pest Control

Make stinging insects a thing of the past.

No one wants to be stung, but for people with allergies to stinging insects, a single encounter can be serious and even life threatening. In addition to nasty stings, pests like carpenter bees can cause extensive damage to your home.

Safe and effective prevention to keep stinging insects away for good.

We all want our homes to feel like a safe environment where our families can enjoy time together inside and outside. At Holder Pest Control we specialize in preventative pest control that is safe for your whole family so you can enjoy the outdoors without worrying about stinging insects. When you’re ready to get your family back outside, call us.

Recognize and identify your stinging insect threat based on location.

Stinging insects aren’t generally aggressive but are most likely to sting when they feel threatened. You’ll often find their nests hidden away in out-of-reach places outside your home. If you see stinging insects flying around, they are likely living somewhere nearby like the eaves of your home, under a deck or porch, high in trees, or hidden under wood piles.

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