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One of the most despised pests in the animal kingdom, roach colonies are invasive and dirty.

Holder Pest Control

Roaches: the world's most hated pest.

There’s nothing grosser than a roach scrambling across your kitchen floor. While roaches don’t bite, they do have a reputation for showing up in the dirtiest environments. Roaches carry disease and can even be harmful to people with asthma.

Safe and effective prevention to keep roaches away for good.

There are certainly some things you can do to make your house less attractive to roaches. However, the best way to protect your home and family is to engage the services of a professional pest control service. At Holder Pest Control we take roach elimination as seriously as our clients do. Call us and say goodbye to your roach problem.

Recognize and identify your roach threat based on location.

Like most pests, roaches prefer their environment to be dark and damp. In your home, roaches are most likely to be found in your kitchen or bathroom where leaky faucets may provide water and food. Outside your home you’ll find roaches in areas of your yard where water pools or piles of wet leaves and debris have collected.

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