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Not only do fleas carry disease and a nasty bite, they reproduce quickly making them hard to control.
Holder Pest Control

Give your family pets some relief from fleas.

We all know that fleas are harmful to our pets and have been linked to heartworms and tapeworms. But did you know that, beyond their irritating bite, fleas can carry blood borne diseases that are dangerous to humans as well?

Safe and effective prevention to keep fleas away for good.

It doesn’t take long for fleas to infest your home. Their short life cycle ensures that new eggs are hatching all the time making a flea infestation very difficult to control. While flea prevention controls fleas living on your pet, Holder Pest Control can help you eliminate the fleas living in your home. If you’re tired of itching and scratching, call us.

Recognize and identify your flea threat based on location.

Fleas find their way into your home on the backs of people and animals. Most fleas prefer to live outside where food and a dark, damp environment are abundant. Like mosquitoes, fleas feed on blood and can pass diseases from host to host with a single bite. If you live in a home with pets or are regularly in contact with outdoor animals, you are a risk of a flea infestation.

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