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The least popular of the creepy crawlers, spiders can be as dangerous as they are unsettling.
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Let's give your house spiders their notice.

Most homeowners have strong, negative feelings about spiders. And while some spiders are harmless, the bites of other spiders can be very dangerous, especially to young children and older adults.

Safe and effective prevention to keep spiders away for good.

Not all spiders are dangers, but unless you’re an expert at differentiating the good ones from the bad ones it’s probably safest to keep them out of your home with recurring pest control measures. Some homeowners wait to kill spiders when they see them, but our clients prefer to prevent them from entering their homes to begin with.

Recognize and identify your spider threat based on location.

Spiders live all over the map, from rain forests to deserts and everywhere in between. The sheer variety of spiders makes it difficult to broadly assume things about the about category as a whole. Here in Florida, we most frequently encounter spiders living in trees, attics, garages, and other storage areas where they won’t be bothered.

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