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3 Creepy Facts That Will Make You Wish You Had Termite Control

We all know the facts about the serious destruction that termites can cause in your home or office building. You’ve researched the warning signs and may even have a termite control company on call. But, in addition to their incredible ability to wreak havoc on your home, there are some more creepy details about these pests that you may not have heard before.
Here are three solid reasons to invest in termite control:

1. Millions And Millions
We’ve heard that for every person on the planet there is one thousand pounds of termites. Yes, you heard that right. Not one thousand termites, but one thousand pounds of termites. It’s hard to substantiate that claim, but what we do know for sure is that every termite colony holds up to two million bugs. That’s two million little creepy crawlies that are making a meal out of your walls and floors. No wonder they are able to work so quickly, they have an army of soldiers to contend with.

2. Queens Are Highly Fertile
Depending upon the size of a termite colony it can contain more than one queen. But the job of each is extremely demanding. Each termite queen can lay up to thirty thousand eggs per day. No wonder the colonies grow to such incredible size. If that image doesn’t motivate you to have your home treated for termites, there may not be anything that does. Plus, termite queens can live up to 15 years of age meaning they are producing millions and millions of eggs within the walls of your home over their entire life span.

3. Some Cultures Eat Them
You’ve probably seen footage of cultures around the world who eat crickets and certain kinds of worms. It’s not totally uncommon, though some might find it totally gross. It turns out that termites are rich in protein, iron, and other beneficial elements making them a fairly healthy yet pretty yucky snack. So, if you’re on the fence about hiring a termite control service you can always get rid of them the good ol’ fashioned way!

These are, of course, silly reasons to call in a termite professional, but the real reasons are no laughing matter. Those millions of highly nutritious termites and their fertile queens are more destructive than you might imagine. So, if this list isn’t enough to inspire you to hire a termite control company, hopefully, a greater understanding of the inherent dangers of termites will do the trick. If you’re ready to take control of your colony, give us a call today.