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3 DIY Termite Control Tactics We Actually Recommend

The title of this post may be a little misleading. We want to begin by saying that if you have a termite problem at your house, we recommend that you make a call today to have a professional service come out to your house and treat it. While the big chemical companies want you to believe that their DIY termite control products are as safe and effective as calling the pros, it’s simply not true.
For starters, improperly applied products can be very dangerous to members of your household. Why risk it when you can easily hire a certified professional who you know will get the job done? When a colony of termites isn’t treated completely they retreat and relocate to another location in your home, so make sure your DIY pest control isn’t simply making the problem worse.

So, while we don’t recommend you take on all of your household’s termite control, there are some very effective things you can do to deter termites from finding a comfortable home in your house.

1. Ditch the cardboard storage boxes
Cardboard boxes are not an efficient way to store things, they are susceptible to moisture, lose their rigidity over time, and worst of all are delicious treats for pests in your home like moths, mice, and termites. If you have an attic full of priceless family memories stored in crumbling old cardboard boxes, swap them out for something more resilient like large plastic bins with locking tops. Your belongings will be better protected from the elements and you won’t be tempting the neighborhood termites with a tasty meal.

2. Use treated wood for backyard building products
Summer is a great time to spend hanging around in your backyard with friends and family. And many families take this time of year to build new structures like back decks and treehouses. As you consider what new projects you and your family will take on this summer, remember to always use wood that has been treated. Pressure treated wood helps your building project withstand the elements and it fends of termites.

3. Haul away downed tree limbs
Last summer’s hurricanes did a lot of damage in Central Florida and left many families with a pile of downed tree limbs. You may have saved some to burn in your winter bonfires, but if the collection still remains, it’s high time to get rid of it. Piles of dead wood are a huge attraction for hungry termites, especially during the hot, humid, and rainy Florida summer. Call a service to haul off your remaining wood. Prevention is the best DIY termite control.

Your home is precious to you and your family and for that reason and many more we always recommend that you hire a professional to manage your pest and termite control. For more information about how Holder Pest and Termite Control can help your family, or for a free estimate from a member of our team, call us today.