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3 Lawn Care Options That Make Your Home More Attractive To Buyers

The saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover,” is nice in theory, but not always practical in real life. First impressions are important and are often the deciding factor when it comes to making a purchase. If you’re trying to sell your home and having trouble, it may be that your yard is leaving potential buyers wanting for something more. So, before you give up, consider addressing your turf issues as a solution to your home selling problems.
Treat Your Lawn For Pests
If you haven’t had regular maintenance on your lawn, it is very likely that you have a pest problem that needs to be addressed. Lawn care, just like any other home maintenance needs to be regular and consistent.

At Holder Pest and Termite Control our certified professionals have been treating central Florida lawns for three decades and in that time have dialed in the precise formula to give your lawn that beautiful, healthy, green aesthetic that your potential buyers are looking for.

Get A New Sprinkler System
Once you’ve dealt with possible pest problems, and started feeding your lawn a nutrient dense diet, you’ll want to make sure your sprinkler system is doing it’s part to make your lawn look beautiful for your next open house. Once you call in one of our sprinkler technicians you may find that your system is working fine and only needed a small tune up. But in the case that your sprinkler system needs an overhaul, you can make this investment knowing that it will raise the value of your home in the long run.

Start Over With New Sod
Some lawns, regardless of any additional lawn care practices, are past the point of return. But, don’t panic, we can get you started over with brand new sod that will leave the guests at your next open house completely stunned. No need to fight your current lawn into submission, start fresh with a healthy new sod.

If selling your house is proving to be a challenge, give the whole lot a facelift by upgrading your property with specialized lawn care. Our technicians are happy to work with you to find the fix that makes that most sense for your budget. Don’t give up on selling your home, contact us today for a free estimate and an end to your lawn care worries.