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3 Potential Risks To Your Irrigation System You May Not Have Considered

Do you have an irrigation system at your home? Or perhaps you’re just now looking into the possibilities. There are so many benefits to investing in a high-quality sprinkler system, but before you do, there are some things you might want to consider addressing. As with any changes you make to your property there are always potential risks, but by preparing yourself in advance to combat them you’ll fare better in the long run.
1. Vehicles Of Any Kind
This may sound obvious and maybe even a little silly. You’re thinking, of course, vehicles shouldn’t come into contact with my irrigation system. But the reality is, this isn’t such a rare occurrence that you should ignore this advice completely. Right off the bat, you may not realize that there are risks to our sprinkler system from your riding lawn mower. And it may not be what you think. It’s not necessarily the cutting elements that threaten your irrigation system, but the overall weight of the machine may cause damage to your sprinkler system’s plastic parts. Of course, this extends to any larger vehicles like cars or trucks that drive onto your grass. Some families find that after having tree work or even septic tank work done at their homes they need to investigate to ensure that their irrigation system wasn’t damaged in the process.

2. Hard Water
It may surprise you, but even hard water can be a detriment to your irrigation system. Hard water is high in mineral content (you can often tell by the minerally smell), and those minerals can build up over time and clog the tiny openings of your sprinkler. If dealing with hard water is not something you’re willing to take on immediately, you should be prepared to clean or replace sprinkler heads as frequently as necessary to ensure that water continues to flow properly through the system.

3. Digging Pests
We get it, you don’t want pests digging in your yard at all. But in addition to ruining your grass, or digging up your flowers, pests can also cause serious damage to your sprinkler system. By disrupting the ground they risk damaging the pipes that provide water to the different zones of your yard. If you suspect you have a problem with digging pests, we recommend you have a pest control company come out to evaluate your yard sooner than later.

There are simple solutions to addressing each of the risks detailed above. We share this list with you, not to dissuade you from installing a new sprinkler system, but to encourage you to think through all the ways you can keep your new system safe from outside influences. For more information about installing a sprinkler system at your home, contact us today.