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3 Reasons Clients Switch Pest Control Companies

If you’re the type of customer who is loyal to companies and brands to a fault, it may surprise you to think of people changing pest control companies. Some families find something and stick with it, others prefer to keep trying until the land on exactly what they’re looking for. Ultimately, our clients keep coming back because they find just what they need with Holder.
However, if you’ve dabbled with the idea of moving companies but aren’t sure if its the right time to cut ties, consider these common reasons that customers report having left their former pest control companies when they join the Holder family.

Not Getting Results
Whether we’re talking about pest control or house cleaning when you hire a company you expect to get great results and nothing less. Not all companies provide an equivalent level of service, and the number one reason that people leave the companies they had already hired is because they weren’t seeing the results hoped for. So, if you’ve paid for services and still see bugs around your home, or if your termite control doesn’t seem to be up to par, it may be time to move on to greener pastures.

Looking For More Services
Some people just want a one-stop-shop. They want to hire one company to handle multiple things around their home, and that is exactly why we offer lawn care, irrigation, and termite control services in addition to pest control. Why hire four separate companies and pay four separate bills when you can work with someone you trust to manage them all.

Customer Service
Do you know what is the best part of hiring a family-owned business? Good old fashioned customer service. These days companies compete for business based on their ability to create an excellent customer experience. All the time we get calls from new clients who are leaving their current pest service due to a lack of service. We believe that above all else, the customer should come first and customer service is our top priority.

Caring for your home and property is your top priority, and it’s ours too. If you’re currently working with a pest control company for whom your home is not a priority, it’s high time to make a change. At Holder Pest and Termite Control, we welcome new clients all the time who are looking for more and nothing makes us happier than to give it to them. For more information about our services or a free consultation, contact us today.