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3 Steps to Keeping Your Home Pest-Free this Fall

After a long, hot, stormy summer we’re finally inching our way closer to cool, fall weather and in the next few weeks, the temperature will continue to steadily drop as we usher the season of bonfires and going outside without sweating! Now that you have a break from the constant lawn mowing of summer there are a few tasks you’ll want to take care of to continue protecting your house and yard from unwanted pests.
1. Clean up leaves and debris
Just like the rest of us, pests require food to live, and they find just what they’re looking for in the decomposing piles of leaves and debris in your yard. As your trees and bushes begin to drop their leaves and flowers, be diligent about raking the debris and disposing of the detritus before they invite unwanted visitors into your yard. This also includes picking up toys, tools, and downed limbs and branches that may be sitting around your yard.

2. Inspect your screens
This is the perfect time of year to open your windows, air out your house, and enjoy a nice cool breeze. What you might not realize is that your shabby window screens and screened doors are inviting pests into your house when you aren’t looking. Take this season to inspect each of your screens to be sure they are keeping unwanted visitors out. Replacing or repairing your screens is well worth the investment so you and your family can get the most enjoyment out of this season.

3. Investigate the premises
While we absolutely recommend that you hire a professional pest control service, it’s also important for you to do your own sleuthing and make sure you know what’s going on with your home and yard. Now that your trees and plants are thinning out again, and you’re not having to mow so often to keep up with fast-growing summer grass, take some time to inspect your home and yard for signs of pests.

For instance, what looks like little balls of wood on your windowsill may actually be a sign that you have termites. Make sure you’re checking every room of your house for signs that you may have an infestation of any kind. And even if you don’t think you see anything suspicious it’s always best to ask a professional.

Every season comes with its own set of pests and pest related issues. Make sure that you are taking the necessary and simple steps to protect your home and yard. At Holder Pest Control we have dedicated the last three decades to protecting central Florida homes and families from unwanted pests. Call us today for more information about our pest control services or to schedule an appointment.

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