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3 Things That May Be Working Against Your Lawn Care

To some, lawn care can feel like an unrelenting cycle of issues. Each season brings with it new troubles and it can take lots of time and energy to finally get a handle on it all. But even with the greenest thumbs, years of experience, and the best intentions, your lawn care can be thrown for a loop. Even the professionals you hire to manage your lawn can be expected to overcome every obstacle.
Here are three things that may be interfering with you having the beautiful lawn you’ve been hoping for.

1. You Have Bad Soil To Begin With
No matter what you put on your grass, if the soil underneath your grass isn’t healthy, you’re bound to run into problems. In Florida, one of the primary issues that homeowners face in maintaining a beautiful lawn is that much of our soil is actually just sand. As much as you may enjoy playing in the sand at the beach, it simply doesn’t have enough nutrients to sustain grass. That’s not to say that you’re bound to have a sand trap for a front yard forever, but that the sand needs to be treated and improved upon in order to create a habitable living space for your grass and other plantings.

2. Your Kids Leave All Their Toys Out
During the summer when school is out and your family is spending lots of time enjoying your yard, it’s easy to leave toys out in the yard. “We’ll be back out there tomorrow,” you’re thinking. But that kiddie pool, lawn chairs, and other toys not only block your lawn from getting vital nutrients from sun and rain, but it also compacts the soil and damages the grass. Remember to remove these items each day, giving your grass a moment to breathe.

3. Life Gets In The Way Of Consistent Care
Even the most focused home gardener can get distracted by the normal things that happen in life. From family events to busy times in work, to that most coveted summer vacation just a few weeks off from maintaining your lawn can throw off all your progress. For these reason we recommend that most families opt to hire a professional company to manage their lawn care. Bringing in the pros is the easiest way to ensure that your lawn is treated consistently, even when your life is hectic.

Life happens, we understand, and there are so many factors that go into keeping your lawn as healthy and beautiful as possible. But you can increase your chances of having the best lawn on the block by avoiding these common lawn care mistakes. And, more importantly, but hiring a reputable company to consistently treat your lawn so it always looks its best. Call us today for more information about how our lawn care services can bring your grass to the next level.