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3 Things You’ll Miss Out On This Summer Without Professional Lawn Care

The weather is beautiful, the kids are out of school, and the afternoon rains have begun. What does that mean? Weeds and bugs. That’s right, the time has come again where the allergy-inducing weeds and stinging bugs come out of hiding and threaten to infringe upon your summer celebrations. Are you prepared to stay on top of these issues in your yard?
Playing In The Yard
When you’re a youngster there is absolutely nothing better than playing in the yard on a warm summer day. From building forts to slip n slide, or even just playing in the sprinkler, your yard provides endless, free summer fun. But what do you get in a lawn without proper lawn care? Ants, sand burrs, hornets, the list goes on. One way to eliminate your offending weeds is to keep your lawn neatly trimmed, this will also make you more aware of the location of ant hills and other pest colonies. And while we always recommend leaving pest control to the pros, the internet is full of ant removal tips ranging from pipe tobacco to liquid soap!

Growing A Garden
This time of year is the perfect opportunity to start that vegetable garden you’ve been thinking of. After years of buying fresh produce from the local farmers market, now you only need to go as far as your own backyard. If you’ve been gardening a while you’ve likely run into some pesky pests trying to threaten your crop. Without a lawn care regimen, it won’t take long for the wrong bugs to wreak havoc on your hard work. Consider building your garden above ground, in an area of your property that is already subject to lawn care.

Hosting Outdoor Gatherings
There is no shortage of different outdoor gatherings you can host when living in the Sunshine State. From pool parties to grilling out, or just sharing happy hour with some close friends, being able to spend time outdoors most of the year is a luxury we should really appreciate. However, when summer rolls around, it seems like all of the bugs and pests come out of hiding, threatening to interrupt our party plans. One quick and easy way to keep pests away is to install a screen around your outdoor living area, but if you don’t want to go that far, consider installing some fans to keep air circulating around your party guests. This is a great way to deter flies and mosquitoes.

If your pest problem persists, hiring a professional service is always the safest and most effective next step. If DIY pest solutions aren’t working for you, give us a call today and one of our certified professionals will come out and provide you with a free estimate.