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3 Water-Related Household Issues That Are Detracting From Your Termite Control Efforts

Essential to your successful termite control efforts is the investment in a good pest control company. Experts whose businesses are built upon their ability to solve their customers’ termite problems will always be a better use of your time and money than over the counter products from your local hardware store. But even with the greatest team by your side, there may be some household issues that are keeping you from enjoying a termite free home.
If you can’t seem to get ahead of your pest problem, consider addressing some of these common problems:

Leaking Pipes
That leaky faucet in your laundry room is getting a lot of your attention, but are you aware of the risks posed by the leaking shower pan in your master bathroom? Too often it’s the unseen that causes the most damage in our homes. Termites love dark, damp, and warm environments, and an untreated shower leak is the trifecta of comfort for this house eating bugs. Have your home inspected for hidden leaks that may cause mold, water damage, and serious pest problems. You may be surprised by what you find.

Broken Gutters And Downspouts
It’s hard to escape the many ways that water can cause damage to your home, and one of the biggest issues we see is in homes that have damaged gutters and downspouts. The purpose of gutters is to redirect rainwater away from your home, but when these items aren’t doing their job you can end up with a great deal of damage. In the same way that leaking showers negatively impact termite control efforts, ineffective or non-existent gutter systems do so on a much greater scale. Instead of water and termite damage that is relegated to a single area in your home, lack of rain control can impact the entire structure.

Rotten Roof Shingles
As a homeowner, you are probably very aware of the expense of a new roof. It’s an investment that needs to be made every 15 – 20 years and waiting too long can increase that investment significantly. When old or damaged roofs sit out, exposed to the elements for too long they become a leaking issue. And while it may take time for that leaking water to make its way to your ceilings, it doesn’t take much time at all for the exposed wood to become the perfectly damp environment to attract a colony of termites. Commit to having your roof inspected every couple of years, especially after hurricane season, to ensure you are unintentionally fostering a termite control nightmare in your attic.

Florida is a state surrounded by water on all sides, and water can be a source of great summer fun and a source of serious home damage. If you’re investing a single dime in termite control (which we hope you are) you should also be committed to protecting your home from water damage. For more information about how termite control can protect your home, contact us today.