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3 Ways Your Irrigation System Can Be Experienced But Not Seen

If cultivating a lush and beautiful lawn is on your list of priorities, there’s only so far you can go without a proper irrigation system. A good sprinkler system can be programmed to provide just the right amount of water to keep your grass and plants nourished and healthy. But, many homeowners would prefer that their sprinkler system be effective without being seen. So how do you achieve this movie magic?
Here three tips to help you enjoy a freshly watered lawn without having to look at your sprinkler system all day!

1. Invest In A Valve Cover Box
A valve cover box is just exactly as it sounds. It’s a box used to hide from view the sometimes unsightly but always critical sprinkler system valves. If you are looking for a quick and easy solution to cover your valves, head to your local home improvement store and you and quickly and easily purchase one right off the shelf. However, some homeowners like to take this project a step further and build something special that matches the aesthetic of their home. As long as you have the tools and the know-how, taking the DIY route is fun and inexpensive. Just make sure that the valves remain accessible at all times in case you need to shut the sprinklers off.

2. Install Sprinkler Head Protection
These days, most sprinkler heads sink into the ground when they are not in use. In most cases, his disguises them from being visible. But, if your sprinkler heads sit above ground level you may consider getting some simple, concrete sprinkler head guards. This will block your sprinkler heads from sight while also protecting them from being destroyed by a lawnmower or distracted driver.

3. Invest In A New Irrigation System
If your irrigation system is an eyesore because it’s original to your 1985 home, there’s no better way to upgrade your lawn’s appearance than to invest in a brand new system. New sprinkler systems are better for the environment and for your pocketbook because they are built smarter and stronger than ever before. You can take the guesswork out of maintaining your lawn by hiring an irrigation professional to bring your system up-to-date.

Maintaining a beautiful lawn doesn’t have to be hard, and most importantly, it doesn’t have to be ugly! With a few small adjustments, you can stop walking by and snarling at your eyesore of a sprinkler system, or better yet, invest today in a brand new sprinkler system that you know you’ll love. Call us today for a free, no commitment consultation with one of our irrigation specialists.