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4 Things We Want Our Clients To Know About Pest Control

At Holder Pest Control we make our living protecting family homes from unwanted pests. But we also want to empower homeowners to take some simple steps to prevent their own pest disasters. From time to time our clients ask us for a list of the top things they can do to win the war against pests and this is what we tell them.
1. Water Attracts Pests
While we talk about it frequently on this blog, it seems that a lot of our clients don’t realize there is a relationship between water and pests. The connection is undeniable, many types of bugs (termites and cockroaches for example) thrive in moist environments. That means the standing water in your backyard, the leak in your bathroom sink, and even your landscaping that retains too much moisture may be contributing to your infestation. If you have an issue and you’re not sure of the origin, consider all the areas in which moisture could be present.

2. Tidiness Matters
As they say, cleanliness is next to godliness. And in our minds, a tidy home is less likely to attract unwanted pests. Not all pests are drawn to the mess in your home, but in the case of ants, cockroaches, and rodents, your mess looks just like food and nesting materials. Remember to keep your kitchen clean and limit the spaces in your home where your family members are allowed to bring food. This is especially important when you have children.

3. They’re Smarter Than You Think
The ant bait you’ve placed by your kitchen sink may keep them at bay for a moment, but ants, in particular, have an exceptional sense of smell. Eventually, they will find another way to get what they are looking for. If a pest can find one way into your home, it can find two ways into your home. This is why DIY spot treatment for pests may work for a short time but their effect doesn’t last long term.

4. Don’t Wait To Call Us
Finally, we want our clients to know that they should call us immediately when they begin to have a pest issue. We often speak with people who have tried several at-home methods before calling us, and in that time period, their problem has gotten exponentially worse. We assure you that we’d rather be called out to your house to relieve your small problem then have you suffer for weeks on end and have to resolve a big issue.

As pest control professionals our goal is the same as yours. We want nothing more than our customers’ comfort. So, if you find yourself in a bit of a pest-related pickle give us a call today it would be our honor to help.