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5 Ways To Clear Unwanted Guests After The Holidays

The holidays have come and gone and your home has probably seen more visitors than usual. This time of year provides ample opportunity for friends and family to get together to enjoy food, drink, and gift giving. But all that frivolity can leave an untreated home with a serious pest problem.
Tiny crumbs and unwrapped candy bring unwanted pests inside your home and out of the cold. But there are a few things you can do to rid your home of pests once all the parties are over.

1. Clear the counters
You’ve probably seen the beautiful magazine photos where delicious treats are left out on the counter all day and night. This looks so warm and inviting in print, but can be a pest control nightmare. Even the slightest crumb is an invitation to undesirable pests looking for food. Make sure your kitchen counter is clear and clean each night, and once the new year has begun, you may want to scrub your kitchen from top to bottom. There’s no better feeling than starting a new year with a clean house and no bugs.

2. Check the stockings
The stockings hanging from your mantel with care are stuffed with tiny toys and sweet treats, but before you put them away make sure you clean them out, thoroughly. The little bits and bites of candy canes and chocolate bars may be cultivating an unwanted infestation.

3. Clear the candy
And while you’re clearing candy, make sure to check all the other little places you might have forgotten. The popcorn garland on the tree, the bowl of candy canes by the front door, and – of course – the gingerbread house on the kitchen island are all sitting in-waiting to be discovered by unwanted pests.

4. Remove the trees and garlands
You may not have considered the potential pests living in your live tree and garlands. These things come from nature and it’s safe to assume that some of them still have nature living in their branches. Once the holiday season is over and you remove your natural tree and garland from your home, keep an eye out for any strange bugs that might have traveled in on the tree.

5. Hire a service
There are lots of things you can do to help avoid pests in your home, but the absolute best investment you can make is to hire a pest control service to keep your house sealed up and bug-free. Contact us today for a free estimate.

You’ve welcomed lots of visitors into your home during this holiday season, but you may have unintentionally brought in some unwelcome visitors too. During the organized chaos of the holidays you’ve cooked and baked and decorated and your home is the perfect place for hosting cheerful family and friends and hungry pests. Give yourself the gift of peace of mind this year and call us for a free pest control estimate. We’ve been serving Central Florida families for more than three decades and it would be our honor to help you too!

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