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A Closer Look At The Fumigation Solution

It comes as no surprise to us that homeowners are looking for a permanent solution to their termite woes. No one wants the pressure of managing an ongoing battle with termites and the potential risk of serious damage to their home. So, what termite solution do most homeowners seek when trying to put into their termite problems?
Well, even though a lot of bold promises are made by over the counter products sold at your local hardware store, those products aren’t considered the top tier of termite control methods. All of the best termite control solutions are provided by professional services.

Fumigation is the most powerful and effective treatment on the market today. During the treatment a large tarp, often referred to as a tent, is spread over your entire home. Sometimes even out-buildings like detached garages and sheds are also treated at the same time. Once the tent is secure a gas is introduced. Then, once the process is complete the tent is removed and your home is habitable again within two to three days. It’s a simple but powerful process.

Is Fumigation Permanent?
One of the most commonly asked questions about this treatment is whether or not it is permanent. Unfortunately, a completely permanent solution to your termite infestation has yet to be created. Since the fumigation method works by trapping all of the termites within your home and introducing a gas that kills only the existing living termites, once that gas dissipates there is no longer any residual left to eliminate new termites. This fact, of course, is part of what makes this treatment safe to use in our homes. If the gas stuck around it would make your home a toxic environment unfit for your family.

Termite Bonds
The solution to the impermanence of termite control methods is termite bonding. The termite bond is an agreement between homeowners and their termite control company to provide ongoing services with the hope of minimizing future termite exposure. Homeowners with termite bonds may still need to fumigate their homes again in the future however due to the ongoing service you’re more likely to catch an issue before it grows out of control. When you cultivate a consistent and long term relationship with a termite control expert you can work together to develop a plan to keep your home protected.

Even within the science of termite control, there is one critical and uncontrollable factor: nature. We can make educated guesses as to when and where the next infestation will come, but there is no way to know for sure. That is why it’s so important to have regular contact with a pest control company who can help you to control problems as the arise. Too many families suffer because they wait to call in a professional until they see the first visible signs of termites, at which point their home has already been infested. For more information about how we can help protect your home from current or future termite issues, contact us today.