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A Few Things You May Not Have Expected After Fumigation

As you prepare your home for fumigation your termite control expert has given you a long list of tasks to complete, and what you can expect as you return to your home. This extensive list likely includes clearing out your food products, trimming back trees, and turning off your gas line. But, you may be surprised when you return home to see some of these unexpected side effects.
There Are Dead Critters In Your House
There’s no better way to say this. Everything that was living in your house at the time of your tenting is no longer alive. So don’t be alarmed if you see bugs, lizards, or even rodents that tried to escape but got trapped inside during the treatment. It’s really important to make sure that these potentially contaminated critters are cleared before your family and pets come back home. The last thing you want is your cats, dogs, or toddlers getting ahold of a poisoned lizard. If you have pets and children in your home it’s worth heading home before the rest of your family to check it out before bringing everyone home.

Your Lawn Is Brown
Hopefully, you moved all of your favorite potted plants away from your home’s exterior during the fumigation process. However, you may not have realized that the grass around the perimeter of your home would incidentally be affected as part of your home fumigation. Depending upon the severity, you may find yourself in need of some brand new turf.

You Have Some Work To Do
In addition to returning all of your food, toiletries, indoor plants, and valuables to their homes, there will be some clean up required after your termite control team is gone. It’s important to remember to purge the ice that’s remaining in the ice maker in your freezer. Also, you might consider washing your dishes and sheets. This step isn’t required but is often recommended to be on the safe side. It may take you some time to get your home back to normal, but all of that effort is worth it when you’re living in a termite free home again.

If termites have been plaguing your family home, investing in fumigation is a welcomed opportunity for a fresh start. And as prepared as you are for the process there still may be some unexpected surprises waiting for you after the tent and crews are gone. Don’t hesitate to ask questions of your termite control team to ensure that you are informed and able to take care of your family. If you’re still looking for the right team to rid your home of termites, contact us at Holder Termite and Pest Control today.