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A Home Buyers Guide For Recognizing Termite Control Issues

The house shopping process is exciting and stressful all at once. The prospect of a new home to move into is often met with the fear of what that home will hold. One big concern of home buyers just happens to be one of our specialties: termites.
No one wants to buy a new home only to find out they’ve sunk their money into a bug-infested project. So before you attend your first open house, familiarize yourself with these ways that you can tell if a home has quality termite control.

1. Do You See Evidence Of Termites
This might sound too obvious if you see termites flying around, the house has termites. But there are other ways that termites make themselves visible besides seeing them in action. A common sign is the presence of termite wings. After the initial swarm, termites no longer need their wings so they slough them off and transition to the house eating portion of their lives. Their small, translucent wings may be seen scattered around on the floor or window sills near the exterior of the house. Also, keep your eye out for small piles of little wooden balls. This is called frass and is the excrement that termites leave behind. Finally, a specific species of termites called subterranean termites access your home through the ground rather than a swarm. When you view the exterior of a home, look for mud tubes extending from the earth up the side of the foundation.

2. Look For Visible Damage
Chances are good that anyone trying to sell their home would have carefully cleaned it and removed any evidence of termites and thus their lack of termite control. But there are other ways you can tell. Keep your eye out for actual termite damage. Remember they feast on wood, so you’re most likely to see this in old wooden doors or windows, exterior siding, or fences. If the termite affected fence is in the back of the yard the home still may be in the clear, but a termite-infested fence adjacent to the home poses a serious risk and should be investigated.

3. Just ask!
If you want to know for sure whether or not a home has ongoing termite control, just ask! Many states require homeowners to reveal any termite damage to the buyer. If you see issues that are concerning to you, speak up and ask the question.

Termites can inflict real damage on a home, there’s no question about that. But with the proper information and high-quality termite control, you can reverse those issues. Don’t let termites immediately dissuade you from purchasing a home. First, arm yourself with information. If you are in the market for a new home and need a termite control company you can trust, contact us today.