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A Timeline For Watering Your New Sod Install

A new sod install is an investment and therefore one that you want to treat with great respect. But once your sod is installed, you’ll have plenty of questions about how to care for it. The best way to answer that is by giving you a sense of what is happening underground. Since sod is established grass, your goal as a new sod owner is that your turf becomes rooted to the ground and stays lush and healthy. This requires a fair amount of care over the first month after installation.
But, at all points in the project frequent and regular watering is critical to maintaining healthy grass. It’s also important to note that when you water you need to be sure that you’re watering in enough volume that the water drips down through the sod and into the soil below.

Weeks 1 and 2
After your sod is installed it’s important that it stays wet almost all of the time. This can be difficult in the sweltering heat of Florida summers, but we also benefit from plenty of summer rain. During these first two weeks, you should water your new sod 3-5 times per day to ensure that it is damp and thoroughly watered. If you haven’t already, this would be a great time to invest in a new irrigation system. Additionally, as it begins to take root in your yard, it’s important not to disturb it by walking on it. Stay off it for the first two weeks if possible.

Weeks 3 and 4
Once you make it through the first two weeks after your sod install you can begin to let up on the watering. Where you were watering up to five times per day, you’ll now be watering between one and three times a day and you should periodically skip a day. If you’re not sure that you’re watering enough, peel back the sod in a few places to check and see that the soil is wet.

After the first four weeks have passed you should continue watering it fairly heavily for the first 6 months as it continues to take root in your yard. If you want to fertilize your new sod, you should wait until six weeks after the installation.

When choosing to begin a sod install project in Florida, it’s important to bear in mind the weather each season. During the dead of summer, the extreme sun exposure can more quickly dry out your new grass and the heavy rains may even stress out your lawn. In years past, dry summers have caused draughts were water usage was limited by local municipalities. Spring or fall may be better seasons during which to invest money on a new sod install. If you have questions about installing sod in your yard, call us today!