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Are You Ready To Take On Your Fall Lawn Care Duties?

It’s officially Fall in Florida, even though it may not feel like it for some time now. During the fall season, it’s quite easy to fall asleep at the lawn care wheel and assume your duties have ended for the year. The frequency of your mowing may have decreased, but there are plenty of important lawn care tasks to undertake during this next season.
Spread Grass Seed
Experts agree that fall is the best time of year to spread new grass seed on your lawn. The combination of warm soil from a long hot summer and moderate temperatures create a perfect environment for germinating seeds. Plus with less water from summer rains, you’re less likely to end up cultivating a lawn full of weeds. If you’re ready to give your front yard a boost, do some research or talk to your local lawn care professional for tips to spreading grass seed or installing brand new sod this year.

Clear The Leaves
It seems that people universally love the changing color of fall leaves. Not only is it visually beautiful, but it also signals a welcomed change of seasons. The problem with those beautiful amber colored leaves is that they fall to the ground and become quite a mess. That blanket of fall leaves shades your grass from accessing the necessary amount of sunlight, and it traps in moisture. If left for too long, this can be a grass-killing combination. Keep up with your seasonal raking to maintain your lawn for the next year.

Continue To Mow And Water
The end of summer, rather, the end of hurricane season, ushers in a slightly cooler and much less rainy time of year. With far less rain you’ll finally get a breather from the seemingly constant lawn mowing of the last several months. And while we’ve bid adieu to the summer rain that makes your grass grow fast and high for months at a time, it’s isn’t quite time to put away your lawnmower. Your lawn continues to grow and still needs to be mowed regularly up until the weather gets cold. Plus, taking a mower to those fall leaves turns them into a nutrient dense mulch that keeps your lawn healthy all winter long.

In addition to maintaining your lawn mowing habits, it’s important to continue watering your lawn regularly until the temperature starts to drop. However, as the long, hot days of summer come to an end, you won’t need to water in quite as much volume. Use a rain gauge to ensure that your lawn is getting at least an inch of water a day through the end of the fall season.

Fall is a great time to get out into your yard and enjoy the cooler weather with friends and family. But it’s not all just fun and games, fall is also the perfect time of year to trim back the heavy growth of summer and get bring your overgrown lawn back to a sense of normalcy. If maintaining a beautiful lawn is high on your priorities list, do yourself a favor and partner with a professional who can help bring your lawn care dreams to life. Call us today to learn more about how Holder Termite and Pest Control can help you make the best of your lawn this fall.