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Are You Torn Between Spot Treatment And Tent Fumigation To Treat Your Drywood Termites?

Termites are very common in most of the United States of America, which is why pest control solutions for drywood termites are also widely available. While spot treating your home may seem like a viable (and possibly DIY) option, tent fumigation is generally the better choice.
Here are some of the ways in which these treatments differ:

How Much Of Your House Gets Treated
When a home is spot-treated for termites the homeowner drills holes in the outside of the home in the areas where they suspect termites to live and injects a product that will kill the termites in that area. This treatment is then transmitted to the rest of the colony and everyone crosses their fingers in hopes that the colony dies. Unfortunately, you can’t see that the termites may have spread to other areas of the home and managed to totally avoid the contact with the termite control treatment.

During the tent fumigation process, the entire home is covered in a tent (including any attached decking) and all at the same time treated for termite infestation. Because of this all-at-once approach to treating termites we can assure you that your whole home has been treated and that termites have been eliminated from the structure.

Don’t Want Any Residue?
During your spot treatment for termites, as we’ve mentioned the products are blindly injected into the areas which you suspect the termites are inhabiting. These fluid treatments are now somewhere in the walls of your home and may cause unknown risks to your family and your pets. This is especially the case with the over-the-counter, DIY termite products that may easily be mishandled by homeowners.

The products used in tent fumigation are in the form of a gas. So while no one should be in the home or come into contact with the fumigant, as soon as it has been cleared you can go back to living in the same fashion you did before. While the gas is highly effective at eliminating termite colonies it leaves no residue on your dishes or furniture making it very safe to reinhabit within days of the fumigation.

Total Eradication of Termite Colony
When spot treating for termites it is virtually impossible to know how many termites you’ve treated, how many may remain, and where exactly those termites are living. If even a couple of dozen termites survive the treatment your colony will easily continue to thrive in your home.

According to a paper written by the University of Florida, tent fumigation is the only method which ensures “complete eradication of all Drywood termites from a structure.” You may think that you’re making the financially wise choice by trying to treat your termite infestation on your own, but those spot treatments are probably not killing all of your termites.

Home fumigation is a worthy long term investment that will help you to preserve the value and structural integrity of your home. Give us a call today and we’ll send a certified professional over to examine your home and give you a free estimate.