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At Home Tactics For Rodent Pest Control

Thanks to modern technology, American homeowners can maintain comfortable temperatures all year long. In the summer, our houses are cool and breezy, and in the winter they’re warm and cozy. You wouldn’t change that for the world, and neither would the mice and rats that manage to find their way in when you least expect it. That’s right, those unwelcome rodents love the same things about your home that you do. So how are you supposed to keep them out?
First and foremost, you really must invest in professional pest control. These tips we’re about to share with you may keep the pests at bay for a little while, but to get rid of them you’ll need some professional intervention. But, in the meantime here are some simple steps you can take to keep the mice and rats outside your home when the weather is nicer inside.

Seal Up The Entry
You probably haven’t noticed any gaping holes in the exterior of your home. If you did, your little furry house guest wouldn’t be such a surprise. Mice can squeeze through very small holes, sometimes as small as one-quarter of an inch in diameter. So that pesky entry that you’re looking for might be smaller than you think. Once you’ve identified how they are getting in there are a few different ways you can keep them out. Caulk or spray foam are excellent for closing up a hole, and some even recommend adding steel wool to the caulk making it much more difficult to chew through than caulk all on its own.

Leave The Lights On
Mice tend to make their nests in dark areas of your home. That’s why you’ll most often find them in the back of cabinets, under furniture or appliances, or in storage boxes. If you suspect that they are attempting to set up camp in a particular part of your home you may consider keeping a light on in that area to deter them.

Seal Up Your Food
This last pest control tip may seem obvious, but it’s worth saying. Rodents are attracted to the open containers of food in your house. Even if you can’t smell a loaf of bread through its plastic bag, they can. Consider investing in food storage containers and help remove some of the temptations.

There is truly no substitute for good old fashioned pest control. However, all that work your professional partner does should be paired with some in-home work as well. The best way to get rid of pests is to make sure they can never get in the door, and these tips should help you achieve just that. For more information about our pest control services, contact us today.