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Can Professional Lawn Care Fix My Yellow Grass?

Are you currently experiencing the highs and lows of lawn maintenance? Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. Sometimes it feels like your lawn becomes another member of the family as it requires about as much care. When it comes to lawn maintenance, the ideal outcome is a healthy, green lawn. But it’s not uncommon for homeowners to struggle with faded or discolored turf.
Just like us, your grass requires a certain level of nutrition in order to survive and thrive. A healthy and vibrant lawn is getting all the nutrients it needs, but sometimes things happen that allow less nitrogen (an element that is critical to healthy grass) to make its way into the plant. Once starved of the food that it needs the grass starts to lose its bright color often turning yellow, brown, or simply dying.

If you’re experiencing symptoms like this, you may be wondering what exactly is causing it and how you can fix the problem. Here are some common lawn care issues and the tips that will help turn your grass around.

Too Much Of A Good Thing
As mentioned above, the primary reason that grass turns yellow or brown is that it is not getting enough nutrients. Frequently, this occurs when your grass is overwatered. While water is essential to the life of your grass, too much can be deadly. An excess of water flushes out vital nutrients and leaves grass malnourished which causes yellowing. Be sure to maintain a regular watering schedule as part of your lawn care routine, and keep a lookout for pooling water that might alert you to areas that are getting too much water or too little drainage.

Pesky Pests
Another contributor to yellow or brown patches in your grass might be pests. There is a large variety of pests you may be dealing with, which is why it’s always a great idea to consult a pest control expert before deciding on a solution. Think of your lawn pests the way you would bugs inside your home, the key to avoiding them is to make sure that your lawn isn’t a welcoming place for them to live. Make sure that you have good drainage and that you rake up fallen leaves and debris so that you don’t develop a layer of thatch in which many lawn pests thrive.

Lawn care is a responsibility that requires regular maintenance. If your lawn isn’t looking its best and you’re suffering from ugly yellow spots there’s no reason to worry. We can help you find the right solution to your particular lawn care issues. For more information about our lawn care services, give us a call today.