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Conserve Water and Money With a New Sprinkler System

While the state of Florida is surrounded by water on all sides, we – like the rest of the world – are facing a shortage of fresh, desalinated water. Freshwater is the water that we drink, shower in, and irrigate our lawns with, and the best way to ensure that we continue to have plenty of water for years to come is to be smart about the way we use it today.
Making changes to your sprinkler systems is an easy way to conserve water and protect the environment, and there are some simple irrigation adjustments you can make to be a good steward of our water resources.

1. Water only when needed
There are months during the year when Florida yards get a deluge of rain every afternoon. While these summer months are hot, they are anything but dry. Take note of what times of the year your lawn needs water and adjust your irrigation schedule accordingly. We know it’s easy to forget and let your sprinkler system run all year round, but the impact on the environment is significant. Make a reminder for yourself in your calendar to note how much watering is really necessary.

2. Have your existing system inspected
If your home has an existing irrigation system it’s always a good idea to have it inspected by a professional. You may be unaware of small cracks in the lines that are leaking water and money into the ground. This oversaturation of your lawn may be keeping your grass from being as healthy as you’d like it to be. And, when your sprinkler system is working properly you’ll be amazed at the savings you’ll experience.

3. Hire a professional to install your new system
While you might be tempted to install your own sprinkler system, there are lots of great arguments for hiring a professional. First, if a sprinkler system is not buried far enough below the ground it is more likely to be destroyed during your regular yard maintenance. Plus, professional irrigation specialists are experts at knowing how to distribute your sprinkler water so that it makes its way onto your lawn and not onto your driveway. Save yourself the hassle of adjusting the sprinklers every couple of weeks and call Holder for a consultation with our sprinkler systems expert.

4. Use reclaimed water if possible
These days, many communities in Florida are making it possible for homeowners to use reclaimed water to irrigate their lawns. This is a great benefit to you and to the environment. Reclaimed water costs less and limits the drain on our natural resources. Check with your local municipality to see if reclaimed irrigation water is an option for you.

Taking care of our natural resources is an important task that we all must share. There are many different things you can do to conserve water and inspecting sprinkler systems is an easy first step. Call us today for a free sprinkler system estimate so you can conserve water and save money!

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