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Controlling Fleas Through Consistent Lawn Care

No pests are good pests, but there are certain kinds that can seriously upset certain non-human members of your household. We’re talking about fleas, and if you have a dog or cat, you know that they can be notoriously difficult to control. You do all of the right things, buy all the right medicines but somehow they just keep coming back. Well, chances are the problem lies in your grass.
Many families don’t realize it, but lawn care is far more than just keeping your grass green and healthy. While that is really important, any successful lawn care program includes an aspect of pest control which will help you to knock out your flea problem once and for all.

Make Your Lawn Less Inviting
We say this time and again. Bugs of all kinds love dark, damp environments. From roaches to termites and even fleas, if your yard is covered with damp debris, is highly shaded, or is not graded properly to ensure drainage, you will end up with a pest problem. Take a moment to assess your lawn and notice the piles of unraked leaves, the trees that need to be trimmed back, and the stack of firewood that is rotting in the corner. Each one of those is in itself an attraction for fleas, but when you add them all together you’re just inviting a problem.

Keep An Eye Out For Carriers
You may think that your dog is the only animal roaming around your backyard, but there’s a good chance that isn’t true. Do your neighbors have outdoor cats? Have you seen raccoons in the neighborhood? It’s not uncommon for homeowners to experience flea issues brought on by visiting animals. Keep your eye out and be prepared to call a professional to trap unwanted possums or raccoons and remove them from your property. As for your neighbor’s outdoor cats, that you’ll have to work out on your own!

Invest In Professional Lawn Care
No matter how much effort you put into preventing fleas, the single best way to address an infestation is to hire a professional to treat your lawn. Pest control for your lawn requires an active, not a passive stance. So do yourself a favor and call in a professional before your flea problem grows out of control.

Often, it’s only your pets who suffer from the fleas in your yard. But if that isn’t motivation enough to hire a lawn care company, those untreated fleas can eventually make their way into your home, set up shop in your carpets, and become an issue for you and your children as well. So before those fleas make your life miserable, give us a call to learn more about how our lawn care services can help eliminate them.