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Debunking Three Fumigation Myths

Is there a single bug that strikes more terror into the hearts of homeowners than the termite? We don’t think so. Termites cost American homeowners millions of dollars per year and left untreated can create serious problems for your home. But with all of the fear surrounding termites, there’s also a lot of misinformation.
Here are three termite myths we hear most often, and how we like to debunk them:

1. Fumigation Is Like A Giant Fogger
If you’ve ever used a home fogger, or “bug bomb” you know that you must evacuate the premises for a number of hours after the fogger has been activated. The same is true of fumigation, though in the case of whole-home fumigation your family will be asked to leave the house for at least 48 hours. One thing you might not realize is that unlike a fogger, fumigation uses only gas, no water or fog, to achieve its end goal of ridding your home of pests. Plus, while fogging targets adult, living pests, fumigation attacks a whole colony of bugs.

2. If My Neighbors Tent, I’ll Get Termites
We’ve heard this time and time again. Your neighbors are fumigating their house and now you’re concerned that all the bugs are going to fly over and attack your home. First, the benefit of fumigation is that the tent creates an air-tight seal that keeps the fumigation gas, and your pests, from exiting the home. This ensures safety for the surrounding homes and full extermination of the termite colony. Plus, if your neighbor has termites and your home is untreated, there is a good chance that you already have termites too. You may not have seen them yet, but as we like to say “unless you live in Alaska, you probably have termites.

3. Fumigation Only Kills Some Pests
Fumigation done properly will kill any and all bugs in your home. Including the roaches and the ants. However, it can’t ensure that all of your pests will be gone forever. Since termites live in the walls and structure of your home, fumigating the whole home kills the whole family of bugs ensuring that their reign of terror will come to an end. However, while fumigation may kill select ants and roaches in your home, it can’t keep roaches from coming back in the future.

Don’t live in fear of termites any longer. The investment in home fumigation will give you peace of mind and a renewed sense of security for many years to come. Would you like a free estimate of home fumigation costs for your structure? Contact us today and we’ll connect you with a member of our professional fumigation team.